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Creative EP-630, creative zen, Aurvana Live, and some USB sound card that I bought for free :D


My personal experience with creative electronics were that they were either a huge hit or a miss.  Hopefully this will be a good one!  They seem to be in the similiar price range as the DBA-02s I just bought.

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U gotta love giveaways :)


I owned and still own: Muvo TX mp3 player(my first mp3 player), Zen mp3 player, Creative T7900 7.1 speaker system, T20 speakers (currently in use very happy btw) and another speakers I dont remember the model. I never tried headphones from Creative so....may the luck be with me bigsmile_face.gif.


btw thx for the opportunity




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I have owned a zune mp3 player :) Would be great to win those!


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Currently own the Aurvana Lives!  Very happy with them, and a big thanks to Joker for his extensive review threads for this.  The EP630, although they have been ousted by the Brainwavz ProAlphas now.


Have owned an Live 5.1, Audigy & Audigy 2 ZS..........and........the original Nomad Jukebox!!  Good times!

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Wow! Sounds cool, i have a Creative Gigaworks T40 which i hook up directly to my mac and IIRC my desktop computer was custom build with one of the SoundBlasters.

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Owh Creative products and me go waaay back!!


Creative Sound Blaster Live! was my first soundcard back when it was probably the only big brand sound card available. Can't remember which model that was, but it was 12-15 years ago maybe.


My current PC still has the Sound Blaster 5.1 in it (although not being used as I'm now using the Musiland 02)


I've owned the Creative Aurvana Live! and to me is one of the best bargains in audio.


I've always had a thing for the Aurvana Air but never pulled the trigger.


Would be great to get the Aurvana 3 as I'm looking to offload my Triple.Fi 10's due to fit and comfort issues. The Aurvana 3's look waaaay more comfortable.

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Soundblaster Live soundcard

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I have used Creative product since 2000, the first is Creative Sound Blaster Live! In 2001, I bought Creative Cambridge Soundworks SW320 Speakers (still in use)... And in 2006, I bought Creative Sound Blaster Audigy ES version (still in use @desktop pc at home)...


And it will be a pleasure to win this Aurvana 3 IEM...

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I still have the EP-630 and also the EP-830 earphones. They are great considering the price tag.

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I really started off with Creative products, T20 (first gen) got me started in hi-fi, then T40 Series II, and my first pair of decent headphone is the CAL!.
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I used to have the HQ-140, before it broke on me. :(

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I've owned both a sound card and an externel USB sound device. Like the concept and design of these new dual BA's very much. I listen would be great.

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Since 1999, I've bought 4 1/2 Creative products.


I started with the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum.  My dad still uses this card.




A few years after that, I bought a white Creative Zen Micro for my sister for Christmas.




A few years after that, I got a Creative Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA.  I'm using it right now.




I also have the Creative USB Audigy 2 ZS video editor.  Lost the remote.




And my desktop has the Auzentech Prelude, which uses the Creative X-Fi chipset.



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A bunch of soundblasters, zen xtra, ep-630, original aurvana in-ear.

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I've owned myriads of Creative soundcards in my live, there's still a Soundblaster Live! in one of my boxens. Don't ask me which though. I've owned the Aurvana2 as well and still have the CAL that I love dearly as an affordable, great-sounding portable headphone.



EDIT: Oh yeah, almost forgot the 4.1 speaker set that's tucked away somewhere in the attic.

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