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Creative Labs Aurvana 3 Dual Driver IEM Giveaways & Discounts - A new favorite of ours!

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Hey Head-fiers,

Many of you had read our review on the Creative Labs Aurvana In-Ear 3 here: 


Aurvana 3 In Ear


We really think these guys are a great value at their pricepoint, and want to give the community a chance to enjoy them as well.


We are starting by giving away a couple pairs of Aurvana In Ear 3s to some lucky head-fi members.


In order to qualify to win this giveaway (first winner announced October 1st), simply reply to this post and let us know what other Creative Labs audio products you own (or have owned).


The next giveaway will be in a new thread in the sponsor forum, after this winner is announced.


Not feeling lucky? Then nab up this limited time 15% discount off the Aurvana 3 w/ free shipping to the US. (click the image below to be brought to our website, with the discount automatically applied in shopping cart)





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It would be nice to win these. I believe the EP630s were my first IEM.

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Thanks for the offer!

I'm a satisfied owner of the Creative Aurvana Live! and the Aurvana Air and am quite impressed with both of them. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up enjoying these as well!
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Thanks for this!!!


Currently own EP630 (first iem) and E-MU 0404usb...

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I used to have Inspire S2 PC speaker and it quite did an awesome job. Very robust. 

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Creative Aurvana Live Headphones: got them for $60 on Amazon. At that price, I have yet to find better headphones. They are a great counterpart to my K702.


Creative Muvo2 4GB MP3 Player: old stuff but still in use. The sound is not the most detailed but very pleasing with nice midrange and bass.  The internal amp is very good. I bought the Nanite N2/Cube C30 recently to get a small DAP to play Flac files. Its DAC section is better than the Muvo2 (better detail retrieval) but the amp section of the Nanite, even though praised in many reviews just doesn't stack up well against the Muvo2. I ended up selling the Nanite. So my old Muvo2 is still my go to player when on the move.


I've been testing the Brainwavz that came with the Nanite. The ProAlpha lacks detail and sounds muddy. The M1 are really good as an entry level IEM but it's been tuned with a mild reverb effect to increase soundstage. It ruins the magic of opera voices. I still prefer my old trusted (and nearly broken) PX-100. I've been looking for a good and affordable IEM. Maybe the Creative Aurvana 3 will do it!

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Creative EP-630 is my first ever IEM and i still like them for its price point.


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Used to have the Creative EP-630 until it broke down.

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Sounds like a fun giveaway. I've owned about 4 Sound Blaster gaming sound cards. I can't recall what headset I had though. Worked great until I sat on it one too many times.

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I'd love to be entered into this.

I've owned some Creative Aurvana Live that served me well while I owned them.  --I actually had a friend at the time beg them off me.

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Count me in! Creative Sound Blasters, Creative Aurvana Live

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I've had a few SB cards, the last one being the X-Fi Xtrememusic, and currently own a pair of GigaWorks T40's :) 

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The only other Creative Labs products I have owned have been old SoundBlaster sound cards.

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MuVo TX, Zen Touch, Zen (more than one), Mozaic, Zen Style 300, Zen Vision W.... hey, I like the sound!

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creative zen (original) my first mp3 player

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