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Headphones for PS3

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Hey guys, I've only recently started doing research into audiophile-esqe stuff but I want to get going a good set-up for my PS3.


I want a pair of decent-high end headphones, I've looked Sennheisers such as the HD 595 and etc but don't know if that's the best choice. My budget would be around the price of those so I don't expect the best. What's important to me is that I want to be able to get 7.1 surround sound. I know (assuming here) that headphones can't produce the virtual surround sound so you need a mixamp for that that can, such as the Astro A40 (other suggestions are highly welcome but I also asked elsewhere). So as you can see I'm not so much looking for supreme audio quality, I just want to be able to play games (such as BF3 soon) with whatever needed audio quality and having that virtual 7.1 s important to me.


So what are all of your suggestions?? As I said my budget is up to 150ish but preferably lower please. 


Thanks a lot!

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Astro Mixamp.


Add any decent headphone. Samson SR850 or Koss UR 55 comes to mind.


Very best,

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The astro mixamp and audio technica AD700 have given me the largest virtual surround sound in my experience.  The AD700 is also really good for playing online, as they're very clear and with minimal bass, so you can hear details very nicely.  They don't have the most bass of the headphones out there, but undoubtedly more than your TV by itself.  If you're looking for the 'subwoofer' aspect of a virtual 5.1, Denon D2000 and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro come to mind.

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