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Help me chosen headphone for movies

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hello everybody. i'm a newbie :D. I really need your advice

i'm going to buy a headphone for watching movies which is under 200$ ( or headphone + soundcard < 200$)

i'm using pc 333d( it's a virtual surround heaset) atm and i want to upgrade another

these are my confusion :

Tritton Ax pro with true 5.1 surround

Sennheiser HD 595 or PC 350 with a soundcard ( like creative xfi usb bc i connect my laptop to TV)

i wonder about the quality of true surround headset. Is it totally diffirent from similated surround headphones ? especially in watching dts movies...

i've read a lot of comment about the tritton ax pro: someone say it's an outstanding headset, someone say it's sound quality is poor compairing to silmulated surround headphones.

and i have 1 more question : is the bass of my pc333d, sorry if you think it's a stupid question but i've never heard another headphone beside this one. i want to hear good explosion sound in movies but i don't know if my pc 333d do it good or bad.....

i really appreciate to hear your answer and give suggestion for me.

sorry all bc of my poor english ..... :D


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People like either the ATH-AD700 or FA-011 for movies.

HD555/558/595/598 are also good.

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