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IEM Comfort Help

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Hi, I have a pair of Brainwavz M2 which I don't use much since they don't fit in my ears well with the stock tips and tend to fall out to the smallest head movements or hurt my ears after a long period of usage at the computer, and I use my Sennheiser PX100-ii instead which I find very comfortable even for long periods. I'm looking to go back for some IEMs since the PX100-ii are open and don't prevent noise leakage and my main concern is comfort. If I got some of the fake sony hybrids from ebay, would it probably improve the comfort of the Brainwavz dratistically, or would I be better looking for another IEM (looking at Klipsch Image S4 would looks good)?


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Not a big fan of the hybrids. For me none of them fit too well and they would continuously fall off the nozel.


Had a brief look and I believe that the Shure (Black Foam) Olives fit on the M2s according to this thread albeit tightly, hopefully someone can confirm.


Back when I used the ER4Ps they were the most comfortable tips I could find. Very durable and last for ages although you have to wash them regularly or they get grungy.


Nowadays I use the Monster single flange silicone tips which strangely have been the most comfortable/best fitting I've found but I don't think they would fit on your IEMs. Perhaps try some other kind of silicone tips as well?



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