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My denon ah-d2000 finally came to life...

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They sound amazing with the little fiio e6 i picked up for 29 shipped on amazon, its quite imperssive how much of a different there is.

very happy. very very very happy.

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Hell ya!  I remember seeing that name before in a thread asking for help, but I can't quite remember the specifics of it.  I'm glad you like them.  People really do underestimate just how much the Denons improve with an amp.  Of course you could be liking them now because the Fiio has bass boosts.  :P

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I think people who use these without an amp and then try it with one would be very, very surprised at the differences.

Back in early 2010 I had a D2000 and complained about it's recessed mids and bloated bass. Hated it. I think the problem is that I was using it without an amp!


Gave it another chance in early 2011 when I had my Asgard and loved it. I honestly had a hard time thinking it had recessed mids. Everyone told me that an amp couldn't magically make the mids very slightly more forward..I don't know about that. Sure seemed like it. Not sure why, but the Asgard loved my D2000. Could be that the amp gave it more controlled bass.


Got another pair in today and I'm really surprised how different it sounds. Of course I've only had a chance so far to try it with an Iaudio 7 and Nuforce Mobile. Not a good combination. I'm kind of surprised at how low the volume still is. When I have more time I'll test it with my desktop amp.


Despite being only 25 ohm, these really do sound best to me with a desktop amp. If you check old threads, others have said the same.

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^ You should try yours with the Micro and tell me how it sounds.


Back when I had a pile of headphones on my desk (Q701, HD600, HD650, D2000, K601, DJ100) I cannot remember if I tested the D2000 unamped vs amped. I'm pretty sure I did, and was quite surprised at how much more controlled the bass sounded. It was almost like a mandatory upgrade. I remember for a fact that the Q701's needed an amp, and that they sounded super underpowered without one. D2000, I'm still not quite sure. I should have spent more time with it, but I was eager to get rid of all the headphones I had. It's too much of a burden having them lay around when they could be getting refunds. tongue.gif

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Mmm comparing my sansa clip to my nad amp is completely different.... FAR better with an amp


Out of a mp3 player or similar they are good but with good amplification they are stunning headphones IMO

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Glad to hear!


The D2000 has quickly become one of my favorite headphones. It's one I'm likely not going to simply sell later, but rather keep for once. It gives me that wonderful sub bass slam I crave, but still has great mids and highs, it's classy, I love the stock cord sheath. For it's price point, it's just such an excellent headphone. I consider it to be a near perfect one. The only thing that makes it near perfect, and not absolutely perfect, is that it's not velour pads (even though it's very comfortable, the pads don't seal, it leaks, not much isolation, I still prefer velour pads simply as a preference) and it doesn't come with a storage case. That kind of bothers me these days. When you buy a nice set of headphones, you generally want a stand or some kind of case. When I get a pair with one of those, I'm happy. I can set them in it, or display in it. Nice. But when they do not come in something, it's disappointing. That was one thing about the D2000 that disappointed me, no case. I wanted a sleek case to set them in. But it didn't happen, they came in a box, like any other headphone, which blows my mind. As I totally could see these sitting in a nice velvet lined display box like some high end would come in, or at least a nice little carry case like a lot of the Beyers and Ultrasones come with.


Anyhow, I ended up fixing part of that by getting my own case for the Denon D2000. I lend out headphones often, even by mail, so I needed a case that can basically take a heck of a beating. I picked up a Pelican 1450 after measuring. It fits almost all my headphones in terms of size. You pluck out the foam to the size/shape you want. Great case. Protective. Can be shipped, go on a plane, get run over, etc, doesn't matter. Not the classiest looking thing, but for my needs (being able to mail it in them too), it fit the bill. Not cheap, but honestly, for the kind of protection it's actually a great deal.










Very best,

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I agree with what you say... they have this sort of warmth and depth to the sound whatever you are listening to while at the same time manage to not sound muddy and still have decent speed in the bass.... I think the midrange is a little bit recessed but the overall effect with the enhanced uber bass and the sharp treble is just really nice and engaging to listen to.... I think Denon have done a REALLY nice job of making some headphones which are a pleasure to listen to and are also monumentally comfortable.... I can barely feel them on my head even after like 5 hours lol.

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I agree with the comfort.  The D2K put my K701 and SR80i to shame in that area.

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I honestly dont understand why some other people say they are flabby or muddy sounding.... imo as long as you use a decent amp they make a lot of other phones sound relatively thin and tinny. 

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Originally Posted by nicholars View Post

I honestly dont understand why some other people say they are flabby or muddy sounding

As long as you like it who cares what anybody says.
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Originally Posted by Croozer View Post

As long as you like it who cares what anybody says.

Mm true but really with a good amp after using them for a while the bass is really not that flabby... YEs it could be slightly sharper and more textured but it is far from flabby... I think people are mistaking a good low bass response for flabby.


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