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Corda HA-2 Mkll

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Never heard much about this amp before, decided on a whim it offered what I wanted and added it onto my order with Todd.


It came in today with a Slim and an LOD (which doesn't work with my iPhone, and couldn't be easily adapted so I got an iPod too.) for my iPod.


I'll throw up a review on both once I get some more listening done on them both. 


The Corda was Todd's studio demo amp, I'm not sure if it's an SE or not, or if all MKlls are SE. One thing I noticed is when I have my UM2's plugged in there is a fair amount of noise on the low impedance output, and very little but present noise on the high impedance output. It is over powered completely with music, and on the high output which is where the UM2's sound best the noise isn't a bother at all.


They really rock the HD650's though, no doubt about that.

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Your amp was a very popular item a few years back. They are quite good and there's a reason why they don't come up for sale often.

Hope you enjoy it! smily_headphones1.gif
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