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Hello everyone,
I've spented about a week of searching and reading, and I've already collected a lot of usefull information for a starter like me. rolleyes.gif

But i really need a hand form some experienced peeps.
This is going to be a step to High Quality Sound for me. I know I know, its just the beggining, then I'll want more and more. So what? I'm human! very_evil_smiley.gif
I want to have the right one's for my first good quality headphones.

I really in love for ATH-M50! All the feedback that i found and that price! But all thread that I've readed have some months alredy, some of them years. So maybe there is something better....
I'll use them with my Ipod Classic and maybe some computer usage.
I listen to Metal/Rock/Indie/Electronic
I'll use them while I'm walking throw the streets and in public transports (Metro/Subway - alot of noise) and as I know form this thread the isolation isn't so bad at all. Correct me if I'm wrong.

My past isnt so good with headphones.
When i bought my ipod, at the same time I've bought earphones AKG K340 (paid 80€) and I'm loving the performance, so i've never tried the default apple earphones.

But I always liked the headphones. The only headphones I have and use them sometimes outside the house with ipod: Philips SHP2000 (paid 25€) (total garbage, only good for computer).

I already know about the amp for the headphones. But I need to try the headphones first and then if I need I'll get one. Its not my priority.

My budget is 150€
And I'm from Portugal.

So please give me your opinions.



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Ultrasone HFI 580 or DJ1 (depending on style, otherwise, same headphone) over M50. Any day.


Very best,

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thnx for reply!

PS: I must exclude right from beggining the Ultrasone DJ1, because it's with a coiled cord.

After some searching I found some nice threads.
So my conclusions are:

High Mid - HFI-580's
Low Mid - HFI-580's
Bass - m50's
Better sound - HFI-580's (if amped maybe m50 will be so good as well)
Isolation - m50's
Comfort - m50's
Every gener of music - m50's
Look - HFI-580's (m50 also look great, but....)

The one thing that is putting me in question is the isolation and comfort of 580's. confused.gif

One more thing, I see people saying that m50's are great for all music geners (it good, very good. Sometmies i like to listen some dubstep, d&b and hip-hop). So maybe the ideal headphones for me are the m50's. confused.gif

I found some places where I can buy m50's and 580's. Here is the price:

Ultrasone HFI-580 : 130 €
Audio-Technica ATH-M50s : 135 €

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I bought the amp today. FiiO e5 for 15$

Maybe I'll use it in future biggrin.gif

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