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PortaPro vs. AKG K403

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I need a sleek and light headphone that I can take with me to school.


I've narrowed it down to the Koss Porta Pro and the AKG K403.



- Music I listen to: Dupstep, Drum and Base, etc


- I already have an Superlux HD668 and Koss UR55 for use at home.


I hope you guys can tell me which is the best (for my needs)...









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You are aware that thay both have an open design and will leak your music to everybody around you?


How much can you spend?

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About 30€ or 40$... not much but I recently purchased the Superlux...


I was thinking about the leakage, but I don't know a similar headphone that doesn't leak.

If you do please let me know!!! 




EDIT: I was also thinking about these, but they are not as sleek as the PortaPro or K403





Sony - MDR570



EDIT2: I just found these:



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