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axial caps in szekeres

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Can I mount vertically on board an axial type electrolytic cap in the signal path of the Szekeres amp? Which lead of the cap would be the long one – the minus or the plus? I think the ground leads must be as short as it is possible. What is your opinion?
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You could if you find an axial electrolytic with long enough leads,not very common.As an alternative you could mount the caps off the board on terminal strips which would make any future upgrades easier.And don't forget to bypass the electrolytic with a film cap of 1 to 10 uf.I treally does make a difference in sound quality.
For grounding it is of more impotance to use a star grounding pattern than to worry about ground wire length.The most recent amp I built uses a semi star ground pattern.What that is=
all grounds on the perf board are connected together "on board" and brought to the ground junction of the power supply filter cap along with an individual wire for each other ground connection (input jack.output jack.current supply resistor R5,etc.)
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Thank you Rick,

What capacitor combination sounds better for the output cap in Szekeres, what is your experiance?

1000 uF + film cap
2 x 1000 uF + film cap
2 x 470 uF + film cap

and does the film cap value of 1,2 uF will be enough for good sound?
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at this time I am using a 1,000uf /35 volt elna in parallel with a 1uf solen fast cap with good results.Better would be to increase the 1 uf to 4.7 uf but I used what was on hand.
I also use a fastcap for the input coupling but orange drop caps across the power supply electrolytic bank (around 50,000 uf total internal.another 10,000uf external !)
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