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Need beginner headphones for $60-$100

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I am new to the scene of headphones, but as a musician am trying to get into it. I am looking for a decent beginner set of closed full-size headphones that range from $60-$100. They will be used mostly at my desk with my computer. I listen mostly to metal/hardcore/progressive music. I will also be using them for gaming (no mic needed) and watching tv shows/films, and some music producing. So I guess an all purpose set would be the best, but music is what they will be used for mostly.


Thanks a lot!

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Sony ZX700

CAD Audio MH310

Shure SRH440


Very best,

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Try the Sony MDR V6, theyre around 80 bucks and sound very nice for the price

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Superlux HD-669 (closed)

Superlux HD-668B (semi-open)

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Grado SR60i.


Great for rock and metal.

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Alessandro MS-1

Audio Technica AD700 (bass is on the weak side with these though they still work as all purpose headphones imo unless listening to rap/hip hop/DnB)

Beyerdynamic DT440 if you can find it for close to $100.

Sennheiser HD555/558 (doesn't sound as good as the other 3 imo, at least the HD555)



Shure SRH440

Audio Technica M50.

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All above recommendations are good. I've heard some of them but I must first recommend the AKG K518. Not the K81 as they aren't the same. The 518s have real bass with impact and authority. Mids that are presented up in front of you and realistic natural treble that won't ever tire your ears. These K518 are selling for under $70. Check the reviews. If you can spend more get the big brother K181 with more balance and more prominent highs.
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Sony MDR V6




Sennheiser HD280 Pro





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Grado SR60i.


They were my first step into this world; a step I wish I had never taken.

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He wants closed, full size, headphones. 


But I agree, the SR60 is great. 



Originally Posted by Sanity View Post

Grado SR60i.


They were my first step into this world; a step I wish I had never taken.


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Open: Superlux HD668b, Grado SR60i, ATH-AD700, Koss Portapro, Jays V-Jays

Closed: Superlux HD662, AKG K518DJ, Koss PRODJ100, ATH-M50, Fischer Audio FA-004, Sony XB500

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The Grados are great and cheap! They have a very present treble display. The low end is a little on the reserved side of things comparatively to some of the more modern designs. I liked mine but gave them to my cousin. My first upgrade M50s put them up for adoption.
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The ath M-50 is a versatile closed phone, Jays Vjays is an amazing ultraportable, superlux hd660, 668b, or 330 are cheap and nice closed phone..

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