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hd600 advice

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hi everyone, i hope you dont mind me asking this, ill explain my situation.(i hope this is the correct section to post this)


i have an x fi elite pro and an ad700, i ordered some hd600 from a member of this forum and they just arrived today.


i CAN notice the difference of quality, i understand what everyone means by the ad700 soundstage sounding artificial, i can say though i think the ad700 are more comfortable  somehow.


i do feel the volume to be low so i think i need an amp for sure to get the most out of this headphones.


using what i got right now though what settings would u recomend?


any bassboost/cutoff frequence? using cristalizer/cmss or equalizing?


for my future purchase im thinking buying a little dot mk3, even though its too expensive since im from chile and the shipment would be ridiculous, are there any options?.


thx a lot for your time and patience :)

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I've heard that the X fi have enough driving power for them. Maybe a soundcard upgrade? like the essence stx? 


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its not that it sounds bad, it sounds great really, but i have to have the volume at max at all times.

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Well, I wouldn't use that creative enhancement stuff. Get an amp eventually, if only a cheap one. 

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What media player do you use? Most of them have preamp and volume adjustment that lets you increase the volume more than the default maximum setting.

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vlc media player, so cristalizer and cmss isnt worth it?

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VLC lets you increase the volume up to 200%. Is it still not loud enough for your HD600?


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Originally Posted by TobaccoRoad View Post

VLC lets you increase the volume up to 200%. 


The VLC on my Mac does 400%... biggrin.gif

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vlc did it for the volume thx guys!, what about bass boost and other settings?

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The VLC on my Mac has an EQ.  It's under Window, or it's on the little display thing.

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Wait, WHAT?


I have a pair of HD-580's that I've never needed to run at 100% even with my X-Fi Xtrememusic. Mine is modded but it still puts out the same amount of power. I think my volume slider is at 35% max on that

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i haven o idea all i know is it has to be maxed most of the time

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