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How do the HF5 compare to RE-ZERO?

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Hello everyone!


My 2nd pair of RE-ZERO crapped out on me shortly after the end of the warranty period. Therefore I am in the search for a replacement. I'd rather not buy another pair of RE-ZERO though, mainly due to concern over the build quality. After some research I am leaning towards the Ety HF5.


So my question is do the two sound very different or somewhat similar? The other IEM I use most are the Radius DDM so I am looking for something that sound colder and not as bassy.


The Brainwavz B2 look good too but just like the Hifiman I'm concerned about its build quality...Anyways any other suggestions are welcomed.


(I've read joker's epic review thread, just looking for some direct comparisons between RE-ZERO and other contenders.)


Thanks in advance and sorry about my English.

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The more IEM's I listen too the more I like the HF5's and think they offer huge value.  I have had RE0's, DBA02's, S4's and just got a set of EX600's and think the HF5's stack up well against all of them.  I bought the HF5's after my DBA's crapped out about 6 weeks into ownership and after getting no love from Fischer or the dealer I was a bit gun shy but in looking around I found the HF5's and liked the fact that Etymotics is a US company and offered a 2 year warranty so I gave them a shot.  I have now had them for 8 -10 weeks or so and they are fantastic.  They offer the accuracy, speed and detail that I have gotten use too, they may be a little shy on bass but they blow the RE0's out of the water.  While I have not heard the RE ZERO's for myself I have read about them and think that you will like the HF5's if you the the RE ZERO's.  I am running mine through a IPhone 4 with a JDS Labs CMOY, like I mentioned I just got a set of EX600's and I think I am going to return them as they do not offer much, if anything over the HF'5s.


Good Luck.




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I own the RE0 and the HF3 iems.  The HF3 and HF5 are the same as far as sound goes, the HF3 just has an iphone functional microphone.  I don't know how different the RE ZERO is from the RE0 but I find the sound of the HF3 and RE0 to be similar in clarity.  Overall though I prefer the HF3 because of the fit.  It goes more deeply in the ear and with shure tips it has a really good seal.  The RE0 had tips that were very difficult to change out and the fit was sufficient but somewhat uncomfortable.  The bass sounds better to me on the HF3 as well.  If I had to choose I would definitely go with the HF5.  Of course I'm still fairly new to iems having only owned 4 pair for less than a year so take my opinion with a grain of salt.  And your English is better than many Americans I know so there is no need for apologies.  I hope this is helpful.

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+1 on HF5 over RE0 or RE-Zero in both SQ and build quality.  The HF5 is pretty much a tank (meaning, like an army tank!), but treat it well and it could last you years.

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