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Hello, I'm relatively new to high end audio, one of my friends has started to get me into it, he's been constantly talking about it for the past few months. So I'd like a few opinions on what I should go for, for headphones and amp.  I prefer a circumaural fit and closed cans. My music ranges from Rock, to Jazz, instrumental acoustic, electronic. Main listening is in instrumental acoustic and rock though. I know headphones have a ton of ranges and  My price range for headphones is around $100-250, amp price I'm not sure as to quality to price ratio with it so any information would be nice.


Thanks for your time,


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Shure 940


I would say Grado, but you want closed and around ear. So Grado sound in that package would be the Shure 940


No amp needed, but would be nice down the road if you're willing to upgrade

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Alright, thanks for the suggestion, those are a little higher than my price range new, so I'll keep a look out for a used pair. For now i'm going to try out the akg k240 MKII.

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The AKG K240 MKII is an excellent phone. Go for it.


Alternatively, I would also suggest looking at the Grado SR60i or SR80i (and even the SR225i if you want to swing that high) with G-Cush pads. Instantly becomes circumaural, and they're lively and great for those genres (even electronic).


Also, look at the Ultrasone HFI 580 (bassy) and the HFI 780 (refined).


Very best,

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Alright, I'll keep those in mind after I experiment with the AKG's. Thanks

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