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Anyone gone back to using Dynamics from STAX? - Page 5

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Originally Posted by purrin View Post

Yes, I've been making lame excuses to you so I could keep the ESP950s as along as possible. smile.gif

Nice to hear you like the Koss stats. They dont get any love around here.

Nothing bad either, just no love... 


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ESP950 is pretty awesome :)  I never picked up a set because of all the complaints about squealing though.

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They do have a "lifetime warranty" - I guess as long as Koss stays in business.


I just plugged in my Stax and no left channel. Looks like the Koss will be brought into primary service.

Funny the timing of this misfortune....


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IMO it's not like once you go Stax you never go back or anything.  I use both on a regular basis and could live with one over the other in equal preference but it's not like I aim to.  For one you get much greater variety with dynamic phones, you have more manufacturer and amp options.


Caveat however, if someday I was offered the BHSE + O2 or 009 in lieu of everything else I would probably do it.

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Maybe people took the STAX "mafia" thing too seriously.

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I never killed nobody ;)

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I'm most definitely hooked on my electrostatics, and have yet to find dynamics that compare.  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy dynamics, especially the Sennheiser 580/600/650 series properly recabled with Cardas on the 580's) and MoonAudio Black Dragon and/or Stefan AudioArt Equinox cabling on the 600/650 series. . . .and properly driven (currently using either a HeadRoom Maxed Out or SAC KH 1000 amp - - or a seriously revamped/rebuilt LD MK III for that tube magic.

My electrostatic travels began with the Stax SR-X Mark3 to the still amazing SR-5 Gold Edition (Black) to the original and still sought after Lambda Normal Bias phones driven by either a SRD-7 Mk2 energizer and  Marantz or Technics amp coupling or the SRM-1/Mk2 C Series amp.  Along came a number of pro bias Stax phones from the LNS to my current SR-404 LE all being driven by a Stax SRM-T1 amp.  And now I have achieved stats nirvana with my recent acquisition of a Baby Orpheus (Sennheiser HE 60) driven by a magnificent Cavalli Hybrid eXStatA.  Has everything I want from a superior soundstage to crisp and well-articulated highs and a deep and extended bass with more than sufficient slam. Massive amounts of detail and presentation with very fast note attack and decay and thankfully not as dark as the O2's.

My current drug of choice as you can see are my HE 60's, with the following fave cans in no particular order - - HE-Audio Jades, Koss ESP-950's, Stax SR-404 LE, AKG K 1000's, Audeze LCD-2's, Sennheiser HD 600. As you can see, electrostatic and orthodynamic headphones dominate my stable. regular_smile%20.gif

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After getting these Lambdas, I don't know if I'll ever go with another non-electrostat for primary home listening (and gaming).


Then again, I pretty much went from AD700s and SS-20s to Lambdas, hardly a fair shake for dynamics in general. Still, I doubt that any dynamic can deliver the sound the way these Lambdas and other electrostatics (that I have yet to hear) can. It's an experience that needs to be listened to first-hand, and while I could go back if needed, I wouldn't want to.


Mind you, I'm not totally anti-dynamic or anything to the point where I'd sell off all the dynamic headphones I have, but I'd probably stick to sub-$100 stuff there. I might even pick up some SR850s when the opportunity presents itself, just to know if all the hype on these very forums is warranted.

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I'm seeing a lack of Tesla T1 / T5p in this thread.




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Originally Posted by kiteki View Post


I'm seeing a lack of Tesla T1 / T5p in this thread.




What does that tell us?  ;P


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I never left using dynamic or anything, but I keep using both my setup. Surely the STAX is far cleaner, but sometimes I just what to listen to my dynamic for the different sound signature and better dynamic range. I sometimes do miss the quick slaps that comes from my PRM, even the 009 can't give me that.
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Originally Posted by kiteki View Post


I'm seeing a lack of Tesla T1 / T5p in this thread.




I'm seeing a lack of Jecklin and Ergo in this thread.

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No way I would "go back" to dynamics. I am interested in new dynamic models, and will keep a dynamic amplifier on hand to sample those. But after hearing what the SR-507 can do, any serious setup in the future will be electrostatic. I probably won't go for the 009 because I'd rather invest 5K than buy a depreciating asset with it. But in the future I plan to purchase a reasonable stat setup. The current TOTL dynamics just aren't as good as the new stats or planars, so I can't see myself ever building a really great dynamic setup. The legendary Sony headphones may be great, but with no replacement drivers I wouldn't want to own one. On the other hand, they are  a better place to park 5K than a savings account, but I would be too tempted to use them every day... can't let something like that sit around in a box!

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I lean more towards dynamic cans myself,I have both. its a matter of preferance.

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In answer to the title question - Yes.

I have owned the Stax 4040 system and found it disappointing.  Even a fairly modest dynamic phone was far preferable for me.  I just find the Stax lacking in punch and slam. Great detail and soundstage sure, but very boring.   Whereas a good dynamic phone can give much more dynamics and Whack (tm).  


The other problem I found with the Stax was a distinct colouration in the region where orchestral violins live.... as I major on big orchestral there was something just not right about the sound of the violins. Again, never had this problem with good dynamic phones.   


15 years ago I owned a pair of Sennheiser HE-60 with the HV70 amplifier.... I think it was a lot better than the Stax tonally, but still not enough slam.  Sadly I sold that set after I moved to a detached house and had no neighbours to worry about!


Mind you - I'd far prefer the Stax 4040 system to some dynamic phones - I really don't get on with any Grado or Audio Technica models!   But my current setup of Denon D5000 + Lovely Cube or NVA AP10H knocks the stuffing out of the Stax anytime.   

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