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For Sale: AKG k701

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For Sale:
AKG k701

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale are my Beyerdynamic T5p, AKG K701, and Sennheiser HD600. T5p and HD600 are in like new condition, which means no scratches, dents, or any other defects. K701 are in mint condition. They are working perfectly as well.


I bought T5p about 3 months ago, used them about 50 hours.

HD600 are 2 weeks old, used them only 5 - 6 hours. 

K701 are 6 months old. They've been used about 100 hours

I have all original accessories and packaging materials.


T5p for $840 shipped CONUS + paypal fee. SOLD

HD600 for $250 shipped CONUS + paypal fee. SOLD

K701 for $200 shipped CONUS + paypal fee.


PM me if you are interested. Thanks.


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PM sent 

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damn, i just bought some HD600 from ebay too



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If you are willing to ship to Canada let me know what the premium would be and I'd be happy to take the Senn's off your hands.  Feel free to send me a PM.




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