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For Sale:
FS: JH5's ConUS

Will Ship To: ConUS

Hey Headfi!


I am selling my pair of JH5's. I have had these customs for about nine month's and put maybe 100 hours tops on them. They are in the same condition I got them in, they were brushed off and cleaned following all use. I kept them in the hard shell case that they came in when not using them. In other words, they are in ideal condition. They come with the hard shell case and the cleaning tool/wax loop. In the hard shell case I glued a piece of black craft felt type of material that prevents them from sliding around or knocking into the inside of the hard case when in transport. 


To put it quite simply, I really do enjoy my JH5's and selling them is very hard for me to do. I would love to hold onto them but with an increasingly busy school/work schedule combined with mounting tuition/book costs they just can't stick around. I am going to miss them I know, but when I look at my financial standing logically, I know that the money in them would help at least with books for the semester. 


Alright well enough of the background info, I will be selling these only in the ConUS and I ship with tracking, either Fedex or UPS. The shipping cost is included in the sale price unless you want a faster shipping option.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me via pm. Thanks for looking! Oh and sorry about the poor photo quality, cellphone camera is sadly the best I have right now