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To follow up and for whoever it might help : 


THe Koss ProDJ100 works beautifully well with the O2 amp and HiFiMeDIY Sabre Dac. Its a superb system and matches up great. Much better soundstage with the DAC, which is remarkable for 40$. I wouldn't recommend the DAC alone, as it sounds much better on low volume, the O2 complements that part. Now for M50 replacement pads!

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Halo! Casual listener here. :)  A little over a year ago, I bought a pair of TBSE1's thanks to your DJ100 review on amazon. The best and most expensive headphones I'd had prior to these were my PortaPro's. I must confess that the main reason I went with these was because they're cheap and have the replaceable cable(an absolute must after my experience with PortaPro's)


One funny thing I noticed is that the amount of hair I have seems to have a significant effect on their sound -- at least with stock pads. When I first got mine, I had a bit of a mini-fro going on. As a result, I felt that the bass on these things was awfully weak -- weaker than the Portapros, even. Overall, I really liked them, and I really appreciate the wider soundstage. I just ended up using an EQ to increase the bass, but too often that would damage the clarity in some other way. Well, I finally got a haircut 6 months afterwards, and I was amazed! It was as though I had a brand new pair of headphones! In fact, the bass became almost overwhelming, and that wonderful clarity I was enjoying before has become slightly more muddled sounding.


Which leads me to today. I just now finally ordered some M50 pads to go with them. They sound like they might be exactly what I'm looking for. I got mine from Amazon, though, and I just now noticed that the sellers name is "Audio-technical." How could I have missed that? Now I'm worried that they're not OEM... The amazon reviews a Q&A give mixed answers, but from the pictures they look identical to the ones listed on sweetwater. I just don't know. Hope I didn't just blow $20 for nothing.


I've also noticed that my TBSE1's sound clearer in more or less every way through my desktop than my Galaxy S4. I suppose an amp should solve this issue, but I just keep putting it off. Just can't decide which one to buy, and I haven't even touched on DAC's yet.

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The PortaPro's are a little bassy compared to other heaphones. When u cut your hair ur ears gets closer to the driver, that's why u get more bass and a more intimate sound (less airy).

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