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I recently purchased a set of the pro100s based on this thread, so thanks Tdock, you swayed me in this direction and I couldn't be happier.

They are my first full size cans, and I had been leaning towards the m50s, but that would have meant stretching my budget considerably. I have long been a koss fan, my trusty ksc75s are still going strong after 10 years. I picked up my set for $39 on amazon, and what a bargain they are.

I immediately ordered m50 pads and although I enjoyed the enhanced detail, soundstage and improved a comfort, I felt that some of the warmth that was apparent with stock pads had been lost. I started playing around with taping over the outer holes in the cups to see if this would reduce the somewhat fatigue highs that were now present and to bring back some of the bottom end.

Covering although the holes muddied the sound a lot and the bass response was wy to present. I eventually found that covering every second hole was perfect.

I am continually amazed by these headphones and they adapt well to a range of musical styles. My next step will be adding a dac/amp to the setup to see how well they can really perform.
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I miss my "tony bennet" version frown.gif
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I got these before thanksgiving, really enjoy them. I need to try it with my ps3 via the (I know, this is terrible) turtle beach earforce dss. Using them with the magni/modi on the pc now, haven't tried them with anything else. I do need to get the modi plugged into a usb 2.0 slot and probably get a better usb cable for them.


I bought a pair of grado sr80is before christmas from a local audio store, they sold them to me for $80. I didn't like it. Like the dj100s, I got them based off the summer gift guide too, but as soon as I put the grado's on I thought this is what my portopros are for, on ear. I took the grado's back.


Just thinking about buying some new pads to try. I might take the ones off my turtle beach's, they are the same size and have the foam backing, but more oval than round.

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First, I'd like to thank tdock for all the information.  These are my first real cans and the more I sample other cans, I keep coming back to these for everyday listening.  I'm constantly trying to sharpen my listening skills to appreciate the subtleties more and more.  I'm going to have to try some different earpads soon!


That being said, I have the opportunity to buy some Grado SR60s from a friend and was wondering if anyone had any comparisons between these two.  Is it worth my while to get the entry level Grado's or does this surpass them? Just FYI what I own so far are the TBSE, House of Marley Exodus, KSC75, Monster Turbine (earbud), Shure E2C (earbud), Total Airhead portable amp.  Any and all wisdom is greatly appreciated.

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How does the DJ200 compare to the DJ100? I really want to get this but I'm not a fan of the coiled cable. If the DJ200 has exactly the same sound signature in every way I'll get the DJ200.

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I have them both and I like the 200 more. I thought the 100 was good but felt its earpads were uncomfortable. Even though 200 is basically the same,it felt more comfortable. They both have good bass but I think the 200 has a little less warmth than the 100,which I like. Then again,I got the 200 for $50 then had a custom cable made which made it sound better to my ears.

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I agree with dwayniac.

And although I even asked Koss Tech support and they told me they should be the same, except the cables obviously, the PRODJ 200 as a clearer, more neutral sound and the 100 is a little more veiled, warmer, bass heavier.

I have them both and was really surprised by this ... why do I have both? Because for 28€ I couldn't resist picking up the DJ100 ;)

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I just bought these cans with m50 pads, and woooow! They were like $60 with the pads, and easily beat my sr80is. Wonderful soundstage, and wonderful clarity. I'm running them off a schiit modi and schiit vali. 

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Would you guys recommend those cans for blues, rock and classical music? I know it is kinda wide range but let's say, I am not into dance, electronic, rap or pop music.


I was also considering Pioneer SE-A1000 but don't really like the long cord and loose fit as most of the reviews are claiming.

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Do you have a certain budget?
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Originally Posted by Fuzziekiwi View Post

Do you have a certain budget?


Up to $70.

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I got some recommendations over at the other subforum. I have asked here to get input from owners of DJ100 cans to see if they are good for the music type (rock, blues and classical) that I like.


The Senns 518 look good but I need closed cans.

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It's all personal opinion. Hopefully someone else can voice their opinion here. I think TDock did a K240 comparison to DJ100 somewhere that I remember reading a long time ago.





EDIT: Found it. http://www.head-fi.org/t/517069/akg-k240s-and-koss-pro-dj-100-two-favorite-headphones

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Over the weekend, I have pulled the trigger and ordered DJ100s from Amazon.


Thanks to all who replied.

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