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Cos the shipping was later than amazon advice so they refund me the shipping hehe.
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Would Objective2 be a good amp for the PRODJ100?

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Originally Posted by Eerie View Post

Would Objective2 be a good amp for the PRODJ100?


I imagine so. Even amps that are consider "thin and bright" (not saying the O2 is!) are perfectly OK for the DJ100. I remember the Schiit Magni being a pretty good match for the DJ100 too.

One amp i'm loving lately with the DJ100 is the Fiio E17 directly using my computer. I'm surprised how good it sounds and it doesn't require me to max out the volume.


NOTE: one reason I think the O2 should be ok is that some say it's nearly identical sounding to the Magni. I haven't compared them though.


The E9 is another good one but overkill maybe for the DJ100 unless you have other headphones.

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Many thanks to Tdockweiler!!!


If it wasn't for your unflagging enthusiasm for the Koss Pro DJ100, I might have dropped extra $$ on a different can that I now feel is probably not any better for my music enjoyment than the DJ100's. I live on a very limited income and every $ counts. 


Thank you Tdockweiler!!


My little galaxy of cans include the Koss Portapros (bought maybe 8 years ago), ATH CKM500 IEM, ATH A700, quite recently the Koss KSC75's (Wow! What a wonderful set of portable cans!!!!)  the Pro DJ 100's and more recently a JDS Labs Cmoy amp to provide the horsepower for this stable.


I just enjoy music. I am not out to wring the last cycle per second at some frequency with a custom $2000 tube amp built in Transylvania. I want to just enjoy my Jazz, Classical, and Space Age? music. All these cans hit the nail right on the head for me for not much money. Ok, Ok, the A700 cost me about $140 about a year ago. Everything else are Budget Kings!! So, my little report here is no way intended to be a review or test, just the views of an old guy with somewhat bad hearing and a bad case of tinnitus who, loves music.


 Firstly, I run everything through the amp. Since getting the KSC 75's, I do not listen to my Portapros. I think the KSC 75's blow them away. I love them! They fit my ears perfectly and I hardly know they are on my ears. However, I cannot use them when the wife is home. She complains about having to listen to my music. So, KSC 75's are when I am alone or at the gym sometimes. Otherwise, the ATH 500's go to the gym or for reading in bed.


The ATH A700's are for "serious" listening mostly when I am alone and want to shut out the world. I love the whole ATH 700 experience. However, they are hot in the summer (like now) and I pretty much am completely unaware of the sounds in my surroundings (phone, or instructions from the wife - Ha! Ha!). I listened to some Boccherini on these that was so beautiful that I did start to cry. It was just so beautiful!!


Now, the new Koss Pro DJ100 cans. They fall into a middle of the road slot for me. The sound is just just incredible with no burn in. I got them "used" (They were brand new) off Ebay for $40. I hooked them up to the amp, turned to my favorite jazz and the first words out of my mouth were "WOW!!!"


I love these cans!!! No burn in needed! Why middle of the road? Because they do everything the others do and do it flawlessly. I can still hear the phone, but I am shut away with my music. They are light, not hot hot and could go anywhere. They do it all for me.      Bargain! Bargain! Bargain!


Now, I am like a kid in a candy store... What cans do I want to use now!? Usually it is the DJ's.


My advice to anyone. These cans and the Koss KSC 75's are the bargain of the century! Run, don't walk to get yourself a set of these. And I STRONGLY recommend an amp. Especially for the 75's which sound dead without the amp.


Happy listening!

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Out of curiosity, has anyone tried these phones with the Alpha pads? I wonder if they will fit and if yes, how those pads change the sound.

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Koss' lifetime warranty is great, just follow the instructions on the website and send them in. My portapro cable recently broke and I lost sound on one side, so I had to send them in. I sent them in, took 2 days to get there. I got a totally new pair of headphones back to me in 5 days. Really fast service no questions asked. 

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Been running these with the E17's myself, optical for both my PC and PS3 - pretty damn great. I don't find I have to use the hardware EQ since I don't find it hard to hear one thing over the other (if that makes any sense). Seriously considering the SE's because the damn long coiled cable makes this tough to bring out and about.

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i did something fun - i removed the dj100 drivers, and i swapped em out with kcs75 drivers. also razer carachias pads fit with a bit of stretching. i like how they sound, the brighter side of neutral.

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Originally Posted by khoi14021993 View Post

New discovery: Just tried the SRH440 pads on my DJ100, and it fits as well! The new pads make it sounds much more coherent, more detailed, and better bass. It's almost a new beast now. I just love this.


Anyone else tried these? I thought of getting them since the M50 pads are a bit too expensive.

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Originally Posted by Eerie View Post


Anyone else tried these? I thought of getting them since the M50 pads are a bit too expensive.

I've never tried the SRH-440 pads. The problem is is that they're a bit too hard IMO.

The SRH-840 pads were terrible and completely ruined the M50. Hopefully the 440 pads are small and less trebly.

I should try them if they're cheap.


I also tried the SRH-940 pads but they make the bass totally go out the window. I couldn't even mod them to fix this.


EDIT: Just ordered some SRH-440 pads. They're only $7.50 on Amazon and under $12 shipping!

Hopefully they're better than SRH-840 pads. I believe they also have a foam backing which is a plus.


SRH-750 pads I didn't like for the DJ100. Way too uncomfortable.

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The srh440 pads are very stiff in comparison to the srh840 pads, also they are a bit smaller and don't have that foam. But i prefer the srh440 pads with my srh440 just because the sound with srh840 pads sux (harsh, treble, thin mids).

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I've been using the 840's on my DJ100, and I think I like them better then the m50's.  They are brighter but the comfort is better and they don't get rock hard like the m50's.

They are too much for the TBSE tho, WAY too bright!!

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the 840 pads are magical and make pretty much everything sound better imho.


also razer carachias fit on dj 100 with a little bit of stretching.

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Hey guys,


Thanks for the info about the headphone.  I have been reading the thread and enjoying it.


I picked up some Tony Bennett's from the Staples sale and I tried the download code for his Duets II album.  It has stated that the pin is invalid.


Has anyone else experienced this?  I have email them to see what is going on.


I must say I am enjoying the headphones!




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I tried the SRH-440 pads today. The fit isn't very tight, but perfectly acceptable. They also have no foam on them which is kind of disappointing.

After an hour I felt they sounded very good. Similar to M50 pads but not as warm sounding. The treble is a little more harsh/fatiguing. It could just be the tracks or my ears were just tired today.

I wanted to wait a few days and then see if i'm still using them. I also got in some new HD-650 pads so I'm switching between the 650 and DJ100 with SRH-440 pads.


Somehow the K400 EP I just got in  is beating out everything else and is on my head the most lately. It's totally different sounding though.


Tried the SRH-840 pads on my DJ100 once and hated them. Could be because I was using the Ipod Touch 2G as a source at the time. That's pretty thin/bright and has some edgy treble sort of.


Stock DJ100 pads definitely limit my impression of treble. I think M50 pads actually make the DJ100 smoother sounding despite a little extra treble.


I bet what would be perfect is sRH-440 pads with some type of thin foam behind it. Similar as to whats on the M50 pads.

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