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isolation for drumming

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hey guys. i only have a pair of skullcandy ink'd and altec lansing backbeat titaniums. i was going to buy a set of closed cans, but people have been saying the best for isolation for drumming are iems. i was just wondering if you guys think any of these phones would do any better at isolation and sound quality than the backbeats that i already have.

cx 300 II

ultimate ears 350

sony extra bass  MDR-XB40EX

klipsch image s2 or s3

jubds j4

skullcandy full metal jacket

jvc black series


and if not what do you guys reccommend around the same price? do you think cans would be a better choice for quality and isolation or iems? thanks!




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PM Windsor. He's a professional drummer and is sure to have some advice.

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ok thanks. anyone else with any experience with the phones listed above?

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I'm a pro musician, and gig playing drums at least a couple of times a month.

I've used Sennheiser CX300, UE Super Fi 5, UE700, and various cans including Sennheiser 280PRO.

I would say that isolation was very poor with CX30, and UE700. 


It's slightly better with UE super fi 5 and the cans. The other important thing is comfort - the wire from full size headphones comes down the side usually, and it's a pain, getting caught in one arm all the time. IEMs, with wire going down my back are more comfortable.


Also, with cans, they tend to shift with movement, IEM's are a bit better at staying in place. With IEM's, I don't feel like I'm wearing something extra. Cans always feel bulky and a bit silly.


If you take drumming seriously, I would recommend custom IEMs - the best isolation and comfort.  

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thanks for sharing the knowledge! i actually just baught a drum kit for my bday, so i dont have much money to spend on headphones. i hear what youre saying about the wire and the weight of the phones, and some kid swore in another post that i iems would always give me better isolation than cans, which i doubted. appreciate all the help, but i dont have money for custom anythings

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Sorry for my zero contribution to this thread but I thought the title said " Isolation for dummies ". tongue_smile.gif

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My son is a drummer (+ I'm a long-time musician), and I would probably lean you toward the Etymotic stuff -- MC5 (cheaper), HF5 (more expensive, better sound) or the ER4 Series (best).  With the triple-flange ear tips, the isolation is wonderful!  I've also used them as in-ear monitors for some on-stage show stuff, and they worked well.

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Get some shure's like the SE215s 

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