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iem for small ears

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I am looking for some inears for under $100 with some good bass and clear sound. I want the monster turbines but it looks big are these good for small ears.If not can you help me find something else. Thanks p.s i listen to hip-hop/rap on my zune hd if this helps.

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Give the Klipsch Image S4 a shot.  I have small ears and those were great for them (as are the X10's I have now).  Plus it is one of the best, if not the best, sounding IEMs I've heard under $100 especially if you want good bass.  They are easy to find too.. Go grab some from Best Buy and take them back if they don't fit.

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If you're willing to wait a while and are able to cope with the chance of not being picked, SpiderCable currently has something going on in the Sponsor Anouncement Deals thread for their new TinyEars IEM.

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JVC FX500, Phiaton PS210, Panasonic HJE900, Philips SHE9850, EX510 and JVC FXC70.

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Hippo VB are small and under $100

Great for hip hop genre

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