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For Sale: FS: Flawless HD 650 + extras ;)

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For Sale:
FS: Flawless HD 650 + extras ;)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi, I've had my HD 650's since February this year. They are spotless, scratchless, and well pretty much flawless. They're also still 1 and 1/3 yr under waranty. You're buying a like new set of HD650's. Complete with warranty and new pads at a discount price!


Have fun!






You get the new set of pads too.  ($57 value..)


Even A driver shot for you ;d




Edit: The very popular Moon Audio HD 650 cables are also for sale. You (or I) can easily reterminate these to LCD-2, HE- 500, or whatever you like. I'm flexible and willing to help out. They are Terrific.






  • Blue Dragon v3 cable for $150 shipped..    Costs $250 +  shipping..


  • Silver Dragon V 3 for $220 shipped.           Costs $350 + shipping..

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Are the blue/ silver dragon cables included?
just curious

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Brand new HD 650 cable.


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