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How to install K702 earpads w proper orientation?

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I didn't pay attention to the orientation of the ear cushions when I removed them and I'm not sure what the correct orientation is for putting them back on. The ear cushions have a thicker part and thinner part (making them what AKG calls '3D'). I'm not sure where the thicker part is supposed to be placed on the earphone.

If you look at the inside of the cushion, there's a line drawn to indicate which hole corresponds to this thick part. What I'm not sure of is which notch on the earphone this should match up to, to get the correct angle of the cushion (there are nothces at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock).

If anyone knows, that would be a big help, thank you!
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the thick part goes towards the rear, the thin towards the front, thus angling the drivers towards your ears

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I see how the Left one is supposed to fit (with the fattest part at about 10 o'clock). Would anyone have a photo of how the Right one is supposed to fit?

It's hard to explain but the foam cuashions are identical in construction and have to be fit on clockwise on both the Left and the Right. As such, the fat bit of the cushioning is not at the same angle on the L and R.. So I don't know if I have the thick part of the R one too high (about 1 o'clock or too low (about 4 o'clock).

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense...
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Just put the thickest part of the pads on both sides to the rear of the headphones. Job done. Seriously isn't that difficult..

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I find some ambiguity with the AKG's instructions... or then it's just me. :) Anyway, the AKG's service manual says "Flat part to front, high part to rear" and the people echo these same advices here as well. However, I recently got both the Q701 and K702 and the ear pads were oriented so that the high parts were AT BOTTOM.


Now, I consider 'front' = towards your nose and 'back' = towards the back of your head. And respectivelly 'top' = towards the sky and 'bottom' = towards the ground. I have tried both orientations and in my head (with eyeglasses!) the best orientation is high parts at bottom - as they came to me from the store, though they were B-stock. Confusing... :)

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This is a bit of an old thread, but my K702s came with the thicker part of the pads at the bottom as well, just a few weeks ago. I've been struggling a bit to get them to sound good because (I think) I couldn't get a good "seal" on them unless I pushed them as high and as far forward as I could (if I didn't do this the gap was big enough to get a couple of fingers in, so nothing trivial). I took the pads off to see if I could soften them up a bit somehow so that they would mould to my head better and realised at that point that I could change the orientation of the ear pads. So I put the thick part toward the rear (at that point I didn't know that was the correct orientation, since mine came fitted differently). Result: Much better fit, much better bass.


Mine were brand new so, in theory, came from the factory with the earpads incorrectly fitted. I wonder if incorrectly fitted earpads are behind some of the "AKGs lack bass" accusations? Mine sounded horribly thin when I first got them but I always have a problem with headphone fit (I have a very small head) so I was willing to try moving them around to get the best sound. And it isn't just a case of me adjusting to the sound because I also have some Sennheiser HD 600s and I use both pairs of 'phones regularly, plus I was always able to get a decent bass if I fiddled with the placement on my head enough.

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