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WTB: Sennheiser HD580 [Canada & USA]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

As uncomfortable as I found the Sennheisers that I've owned to be, I found them easier to get use to (sound wise) after extended breaks from headphones.  I still listen to my headphones but the extended breaks have been getting longer since I've been getting busier.  I love my AKG K701's very much but they take a few hours in a row to get use to after an extended break (usually more time then I have at any one time).  I would like to replace my AKG's with a pair of Sennheiser HD580s that I know I love and enjoy as well.  I'm not interested in a trade as I wouldn't want to be without a pair of nice headphones during the void.  I'll be selling the K701's once I've acquired the pair [HD580s] though, for all those wondering.


I'm looking for a fully functional untampered with, unmodded [one or two exceptions], in one piece [not broken, including physically], HD580s with nice earpads (in good condition like new or almost like new with no discoloration and with good still firm foam that isn't lifeless and flat).  With original or upgraded cables [Like the official HD600/HD650 cables, nothing expensive], and HD600/HD650 grills [Optional, but I would prefer it].  I only feel comfortable buying from Canada and the US (50-States) only.


PM me with pictures (including Head-fi user name & date on piece of paper [safety]), and what you think you want for them including shipping (or price + shipping) to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  <Price on this post is only a place holder>


I might not get back to everyone right away, I've just started College and I've been busy.  I'll be getting back to PMs as soon as I have more then a few minutes during the week, or on weekends.  Don't get discourage if I don't respond to your PM in the first day or first few days.