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another audioengine 2 subwoofer question

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I am currently looking for a sub to hook up with my audioengine A2's.


I'm looking at the Energy ESW-C8 but I have a question about how it all connects.


I think I will be connecting my source (a macbook) via a stereo jack to RCA on the sub and then connect the "speaker level in" wires to the RCA in on the A2's.


The connectors on the sub are labelled as "speaker level in", does this mean they cannot act as output and I will have to use the RCA input on the A2's and the other "input" as an output as instructed by audioengine. If that is the case how will I seperate the bass frequencies from the higher frequencies?


Is it possible to find a sub with outputs or will this require a sub with a builtin amp I'm guessing?


If that's the case how would I best filter out the lows on my A2's?

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I would get the matching Audioengine sub if I were you (and in fact am planning on doing just that for my A5s). It has RCA in and then back out so you plug your source (3.5mm or RCA) into the sub and then RCA from the sub to the Audioengines.


BUT, you can use any other sub you want as long as the subwoofer has RCA inputs. The way I have my Polk sub hooked up is 3.5mm IN to the A5s and then RCA OUT of the A5 and IN to the subwoofer.


That sub you linked to has the correct RCA inputs so if you get that, you just need an RCA cable and it will work fine.

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Incidentally, I can get this speaker on special for cheaper, would it be worth it?

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I would say yes, not familiar with Energy's products but I've never heard an 8" sub I liked more than a 10" it will definitely play lower, if you listen to any rap, hip hop, electronic, house, dubstep etc. you will appreciate every bit of bass extension you can get.

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The wharfedale diamond sw150 is another option, and is probably what I will get for my A5's once I get the fundage... plus it matches my black A5's 

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For the a2's a 8" would actually better be because your need to cross it over quite high about 150hz where the a2's roll off, a 8" will handle this higher crossover better than a 10".
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