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Please talk me out of this (k701 + Audio-gd FUN)

Poll Results: HD555 -> K701 + Audio-gd FUN worth 500€?

  • 25% (2)
    Are you insane? ofc it is, YES!
  • 75% (6)
    Are you insane? ofc it is not, NO!
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Hellow headhifisters.


3 days ago I hadn't heard of DAC and didn't know that you even could need a pre-amp if you already have a decent amplifier for speaker / monitor systems. So please bare with me here.


Is it pure insanity to go from HD555 (with my Denon AVR-2307) to k 701 + Audio-gd FUN (~500€)?


What and how I use my headphones atm: Mainly for movies (DTS & AC3), but I also enjoy very muchos to listen some DnB / vocal trance and other 'genres' too (so far not FLAC). And yes, I also play some video games that requires a lot of hearing (CS, CSS, CSP; ect).


I really hate that I had to start using my headphones so much after I moved to this apartment, but have to make best of it :/

Thats why I started to look for headphones (and suddenly DAC-amps too) that I could get even with my speaker setup... but is it really worth 500€ to bump up from this setup to that? Please someone tell me that its not worth it and let me be happy with this x)


This wouldn't even be problem to handle financially, if this was even my 2nd fav. hobby but... :/


Thanks and sorry ^_^

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don't do it.


k702 are not the best cans for trance/D&B, they simple have not enough bass for those genres.


the 555s are good cans for gaming, you should keep them ;)



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I can tell you by experience that k701 need a "matching" amplifier. Not "good", or "expensive". Just something that gets on well with them.


I can tell that  your current "couple" sounds objectively better than the one you're thinking about!


Moreover, k701's character is not suitable to electronic music nor gaming!


(Since we are reasoning in Euros, may I ask you where are you from?)

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Thank you for your replies, do appreciate! Good to know that those aren't for me. I guess I'll stay wit this setup then. Got some peace of mind now ^_^


I'm from Finland and sorry for my poor English :/

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Ahahah man, don't worry, you English doesn't look bad at all by now!

At first I thought you were Irish, for the "Euro" thing!

I'm not English mother tongue either, I'm Venetian and keep improving my English here on head-fi beyersmile.png


In what, according to you, should a better headphone system differ from the one you already own?

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Hi man..

I guess this is a European ghetto thread so far...biggrin.gif

I would suggest you look into Ultrasone for headphones that are good for vocal trance and R n B...

HFI 580 for example if you like closed cans and Pro 2500 if you dig open cans..

If you like to go a little upper on the scale and spend some more of your precious euros then Pro 2900 will serve you well..

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Edoardo   I'm not even sure what I would mean by saying "room" :D I just loved to watch my movies with speakers... and I do not like loud sounds. I like to listen in very reasonable volume instead of loud. I'm not as needy with music as I'm with movies. And I do like the surround effect ^_^ (Neo 6: Cinema / Dolby Pro Logic II: Game) 


HFI 580/780/2400 was in my mind also. But I guess those open cans are better for me, so HFI 2400 / Pro 2500 would be the case (210€ / 320€).


But again, is it really worth 210-320€ to upgrade from HD555? Or should I just stop here and focus to my other hobbies and be happy with these...


I'm truly glad for all responses, but sad that I found out too much about this side of the hifines :D I guess I'd be happier with less knowledge x)


Well... I'm not going to buy k 701 + Audio-gd FUN, thats for sure x) Thanks to you fellows ^_^

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if it was just about quality music listening 99% of the people here could have been happy ages ago, or, else, 10 or 20 pairs of headphones and headphone amplifiers ago.


But the will to experiment new headphones and new systems is big.


Your system is pretty good, it can surely be upgraded, in two senses:


- getting a higher quality one

- getting one of the same quality but that more suits your tastes and needs

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I didn't like the K701 with electronica when I listened to it.  I'd look elsewhere.  Seems like many people here report positively on the Ultrasones with most electronica genres?


If I was doing a dynamic setup targeting electronica, the first places I'd look are Audeze, HiFiMan, Sennheiser, Ultrasone, and maybe Sony.

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Okay.... I think I might be in the wrong place here :D

Maybe it really would be for the best to stick with this setup and be happy, instead of going through all those equipments. 

Thank you guys for making this so much easier for me :]

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Well, another way to think about it is what you'd like to get out of your setup if you upgrade :)  Was there something about the K701s you particularly liked?


A more effective way to make these kinds of decisions might be to figure out what you think would give you a significant step up for a headphone upgrade (like a HD650 or HE-500), and the chain you'd need to get the kind of sound you want out of it.  For example, with electronica, I'm much more partial towards a solid state rig.

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There's nothing special in k701 to me, just liked how they look and how much there was positive discussion around those k x01 phones. 1st thought was that those would be "a safe bet" but obviously not. And wouldn't have been too expensive (~215€). And now that I'm learning more about this headhifines, I'm starting to be okay with my HD 555 :D 


What I want most of my headphones is probably "soundstage" or "room" with the surround effect in MOVIES. I'm more into movies than music... 

I think I'd like "speaker-like" phones. Just not willing to try so many different setups and amps and DACs and phones and so on.


Thanks again for the help and support, a great forum you got here, keep it up.

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Well, you've already got a great pair of headphones in your HD555s.  I'm not sure what the prices are like in Europe, but you may want to consider the orthos if you'd like something with fantastic soundstage, and a sound that's very different than what you've experienced.  I'd really recommend checking out the HE-500 and LCD-2 (rev2) based on your stated preferences (movies, electronica, and speaker-like headphones).  They're much more expensive than the K701, but they hold their resale value very well and are among the best headphones in the market.  They seem to be penetrating a lot of hifi stores, so you might be able to demo them in a local metropolitan region.


There are a number of affordable amps and DACs that pair very well with both those headphones, like the Schiit Lyr, and most likely (haven't seen reviews yet), the Schiit Bifrost.

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Checked those out, but I'm not willing to sell my car for new pair of headphones rolleyes.gif I bet those are very very very nice pair though. Sounds like Ultrasone would be for me with its HFI-2400 (210€) or Pro-2500 (~320€). But I guess I'll pass for now and wait if my financial situation gets a bit better and get phones and DAC/amp. This was very good thing to come here to be sure if making a haste wrong choice.

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