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Forum Database Slow to Update?

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I'm probably going to have some trouble trying to articulate the issue I've been having, but I'll give it a shot.

Lately, say for the past few days, I have been noticing that forum threads don't seem to update as quickly as the information viewable on the main forum pages (head-fi.org/f/####). For example, suppose I were to click on a thread with 8 replies. When I click on the thread I'll only find about 6 or so replies (or 7 total posts instead of 9). Strangely enough, if I click on the profile of the user who posted last, the profile page and the "All Posts" search clearly show the last post of the thread (along with other posts by the user that mysteriously do not show up in their respective threads). Of course, if I were to click the "View Post" link in either the profile page's post listing or in "all posts" I will again be taken to a thread that has yet to update.

Hopefully some of this makes sense. For the record, I have done the usual procedures on my side, i.e. clear browser cache (using FF6.02), use other browsers (IE, Chrome), etc. Not sure what the problem may be.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to finding out what the cause of this curious issue is and whether I'm the only one experiencing this.

EDIT: Apparently I no longer have the issue if I'm logged in. Quite strange.

EDIT 2: Still having the issue, especially when logged out.
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I have also been encountering this. Very weird when links to the "latest post" in a given thread reference posts which don't appear to exist.

Pretty sure it's not my end, as it has occurred with 2 computers, both configured in totally different ways and using different internet connections.

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Yup, I'm having this problem too. Just about to start a thread.


The most recent posts cannot be viewed unless logged in.

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I don't know for sure, but very likely, to ensure good performance, non-logged-in users will likely get a cached version of most data. Forum and other web software that I've managed has always had some degree of caching built-in. The front pages of most sites is often a static page updated only once every few minutes from the dynamic one. Common elements are cached on front-end servers, images are loaded from separate servers and the list goes on.


I have noticed, however, the odd thread that seemed to have a new post but didn't when I clicked on it, but I am not sure that I wasn't clicking on my subscriptions which I loaded hours before or not.

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I filed a ticket for this.  Thanks for the information.  If you have any more details to add, please post them here.

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Seems very likely it's a caching issue, as logging in invariably fixes it.

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