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The diary entries of a little girl! ~ | ~ Latest memoir: oıpnɐ ןɐuıɟ - Page 5  

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Yeah, everyone sell their broken cable balanced armature stuff to me please. :]


Especially Final Audio, Ortofon, etc.




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funnily i thought the same thing abt the dt880 600ohms. The differences werent that major in my opinion between them and the LCD2s.

Originally Posted by wilzc View Post

You need to rein in on this creative juice of yours in creating random customs :S

your wallet might bleed lol


There was actually a bid on eBay ending yesterday for two pairs of Ety HF5, broken cables. 12bux + 20 shipping to AUS. woulda been great for you. I was thinking about it but naaaah :P


Diff ppl have diff ears and diff tastes I guess. I wasn't as impressed with the LCD2 as I was with the HD800 for example. And the Beyer 880 comes pretty close to the LCD2 while being about half the price.




Everybody should just buy goldrings :P



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Originally Posted by kiteki View Post


So after realising the ATH-ANC23 only costs $50 I try to place an order on amazon.com...



Items: AUD 51.37
Shipping & Handling: AUD 74.61

Total Before Tax: AUD 125.98
Estimated Tax To Be Collected:* AUD 0.00

Order Total: AUD 125.98



Why does this always happen.........


You guys in the U.S. are so lucky! ;)



Don't complain here in Canada the Canadian leg of Amazon has next to nothing in decent audio and if you try and order off the American site 75% of the time you get a cannot ship to current address message. By the way Kiteki, I was rather shocked when I ran across this thread you created. All the times I've read your posts and private messaged you I thought you were another guy and used to think your avatar was either a picture of a model you got from the net or a picture of your girlfriend. I used to think if that's a picture of someones girlfriend what a lucky guy he is lol. It's nice to see a woman whose heavy into audio on Head-Fi welcome Kiteki and hope you hang around here for awhile. Mind if I ask how you got so heavily into audio especially IEM's?


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Oh... headhones and speakers? are too passive... they have great depth and impact, but I prefer the intensity and intimacy of IEM's, you know, I like inserting something into myself, it's pure skullcandy.


I guess some people like Latex, I need a balanced armchair to get my crossovers turned on, it's just like chik-chik-boom, you know.



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Thanks for taking the time to listen to some of our stuff, sorry that I couldn't be there, I really wanted to be.


I (Matt, right now currently out of the country) have been listening to my Miracle and Merlin's so much I've been neglecting the Mage...just did a nice session with them and it reminds me why I think our whole line up have their strengths.  Really enjoying the Mage!


Hopefully once we fix the discrepancy between our demo units and our full customs, you can have another listen :).  Thanks for your thoughts!


*FWIW, it isn't always me here, our entire team have access!



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Pro-lific. Nice thread kiteki.


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hhmm interesting was searching the teclast products up, lets say they know how to market products redface.gif

Lets see how fast you can find the actual promoted product lol

or the M30 photoshoot(http://www.teclast.com/zhuanti/m30/model.html) hmm
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Wtf, I am dying of laughter...


Love the M30 one.



Is the girl 16:9 WQVGA? or the bed she's on? or the window behind her? or is her exposed thigh 16:9? I really don't get what they're advertising actually!


I'm looking forward to the T59 girl, that's supposed to be Teclasts next audiophile product and I'm going to buy it in a split second when it's for sale, they just really don't seem to be in a rush to release it... and the western world keeps bitching about their UI and telling them to fix it, when I think it's perfectly fine.


Here's the best picture I've found of the unreleased T59

Teclast T59.jpg

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Hi Unique Melody,


Umm, when you're back in this city I'll visit your place of Merlins and Mages and we can slay dragons together, I'll bring my wand to ward of your worst enemy just in case he's there, uniform atonality.


Let me know if you have the Piano Forte VIII for demo at all... that would be a huge personal bonus to me, thank you.



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Thanks shane55, I remember when I started on head-fi I saw your posts a lot, I think mostly about the DBA-02 or something, nice to see a familiar face, that black guy using the SR-404 and listening to some really intense jazz, by the looks of it! ;]



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Though I'm Chinese I can't read it, it's a pity because I actually am interested in the products lol

If my iTouch 64 one day dies I think I'm going to buy one of those. After seeing your photos they seem very well built you really tortured them XD, how do you expand the memory of the T51? MicroSD?
Hmm the T59 look very interesting, I'm missing the physical buttons on my iPod Touch(It's a nice multifunctional product! T.T) it always good when you can feel the buttons you push and actually push the right button redface.gif
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I bought a Kingston MicroSD 16GB for $20 I think, at a shop down the street, I put my FLAC on the 16GB MicroSD part, and I put my MP3 on the internal 8GB memory part.

When you turn it on you press "Directory" and it gives you two options "Flash memory" and "TF card memory", then I have my music sorted by "Artist -> Album -> Song" in a tree-like folder structure, it's really simple and really fast to navigate, I just don't get what people are doing wrong, they must be used to iPods or some **** like that.

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jaben actually brought a pair of piano forte VII tat day :x i didnt listen to them but i felt them in my hand and dam are they heavy O_O

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Wait what do you mean, Josh bought a pair of Forte VII's? from where? VII or VIII? He had them at the meet? Are you kidding me?




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