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The diary entries of a little girl! ~ | ~ Latest memoir: oıpnɐ ןɐuıɟ - Page 3  

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What good are you lol. Good thing I have couple weeks to decide on which UM to get.

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I thought the merlins sounded the most fun!!! very very good!!

but the miracles are quite something. Easily one of the more impressive things on display.


Along with the HD800s


And the DT1350

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HP-P1 was better than expected, it's interesting I only used it as a portable amp, I didn't unlock it's full potential as a DAC as well... I hope the HP-A3 amp sounds the same as the HP-P1, I have to find that out... somehow.


You're right though, digital transport, that is pretty cool, it would be my portable rig of choice, that's for sure!



LCD-2 versus customs, that's difficult, I haven't considered that... I listened to the HD800 directly after the LCD-2 btw...



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LCD 2 were great. Speed power etc etc. But the hd800s had. This class. And this comfort which bests the lcd2.

And the edition 10s..... No comment
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Oh, HD800 had amazing comfort, and very very open-air, I could hear everything just like normal before I turned the music on.



wilzc what did you think of the Edition 8's?



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Aw man I'm longing for the Tesla T5p now...... I need to try that one somewhere again and bring my A2000X along....

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Nice impressions in your very unique and entertaining writing style - thanks kiteki, subscribed. smile_phones.gif


I particularly liked the part about the UM Miracle's surround soundstage. Joker was the first one to point this out and thus saved me from a mispurchase. Happy to have opted for the UERM instead, which do nothing of that sort. From your description, I think I would prefer the Mage over the Miracle.

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Thanks James.


I went for the "more drivers = better" approach, I should have my first custom IEM in about 3 weeks, it's called the Hexae and I'll be the first english speaking person to own one.



I'm sure the UERM sounds good, it seems very popular, and yes I think you'd personally prefer the Mage over the Miracle, the Mage has more of a special sound and the Miracle is just for watching movies =)



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Outstanding write-up & review kiteki.  I am slowly trying to get into the iem world (serious iems) and there are just so many products now, it gets dizzying.  Always enjoy reading your posts.  Great job!!!




Another thing that bothers me is that I notice that marketing and other peoples opinions "the status quo" affects me, I just want to listen to gear and say what I want and like what I want, and that's what this thread is for. 





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Since you're a ******* IEM guru, recommend me one under $100. I hate myself for throwing the M2 warranty away.

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The RE-252 stopped playing from one ear unfortunately (and it was my favourite of the 3 IEMs i had) and since there was no warranty (bought from abother head-fier) well bye bye 252 frown.gif

The discman is nice but last 6 months my J3 is my DAP cause of its portability (tired of carrying around a 24-cd case with me)

On another non-audiophile topic , i want you to check/watch this american indie movie , the girl there reminds me your way of thinking , dreamy/surreal


The movie kicks ass btw (and all of you ladies&gentlemen who like inspired,well written soulful mvies check it out too)

Lawn Dogs.




ps : what do you think of the RE-272 ? I think i will buy this or the e-q5 as my next IEM (i have only my re-zeros working atm)


Originally Posted by kiteki View Post


Thanks proedros, I had to make a thread where I can just write how I feel, Lol.


Nice discman and RE252 btw.


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Ah, yes - did you get a chance to listen to the GR07?


Otherwise, nice writeups!  Looking forward to seeing future updates!

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Really fun reads. I very much like that you kept it personal and wrote in your own voice. These sort of impressions are always helpful and welcome. Just not always so personal and fun. Thanks

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I believe in the mean time, the remainder of the reserved posts should be occupied with pictures of kiteki wearing [her(?)] various earphones. Let's have it my friend. wink_face.gif

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But the most important question goes unanswered... who's the girl holding the teclast?

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