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Open up AKG K702 headphones

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Hey guys, so the left side of my AKG K702 headhpones has stopped working, I accidentally dropped them a small height and I'm guessing something has come unplugged (I hope). How can I open them to see whats inside?

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Same way you would open K701s. It's vaguely well-documented - the grills rotate and then pop out and you take it from there if memory serves.

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Hmmm, your not refering to the ear cushions are you? Or are you referring to the metal "grates"? I can't seem to twist the grates but I can get the cushion off. I had a look online and I couldn't find anything, I just keep getting links to other AKG headphones

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Stick anything that is pointy into the grill/grates and use it to twist the grill anticlockwise. It will come off, exposing screws to be unscrewed - only then can you really get at the cabling.

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Hi...did anyone ever get a chance to Open the AKG K702?  I tried to turn the grill and it just doesn't budge...already scratching the grill coating.


In the video clip, there is that special hand twister tool...wonder how to get a hold of that.

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I used tape to twist the grill off my 701, see if that will help if you can't find a better tool

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I will have to give that a try, using the tape.  I found it resistant to scissors, skinny screw driver, etc.  Thanks for the suggestion...will let you know how it go.

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An Update


I was able to get my K702 repaired.  The original housing looked like it had a permanent cable attached while the repaired headphone now a detachable cable.  I also think they replaced the ear pieces...but left my original SN the same under the headband.  As long as the sound is coming through, I am happy.  The shop was in Mexico so my guess is that the actual repair is being done in Mexico for the San Diego branch.

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