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Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 Vs. Ultrasone HFI-580

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I've been beating myself over deciding which headphones to get for the past few days and I have narrowed it down between these 2 cans. Reason why these 2 are last on my list is because from what i've researched, these seem to be the best entry-level "basshead" cans.


A little background about myself; when it comes to which type of genre of music I listen to, it's pretty diverse, but for the most part I listen to electro, indie, dupstep, trance, alternative, house, hip-hop, power pop, and pop punk.


And yes I've seen the review/comparison between these headphones http://www.head-fi.org/t/556509/review-battle-of-the-entry-level-rivals-ultrasone-hfi-580-vs-audio-technica-m50-vs-pro700-mk2 and I still can't seem to decide.


My thoughts so far, as for price, they're fairly equal (PRO700MK2 is only about $10 more). I really like how the PRO700MK1 has a detachable cable. As for aesthetics, I would have to go with the PRO700MK2 but to be honest, i've never seen these in person so I'm not sure if they'll be too bulky.


This is where I need the majority of your help, the sound quality. I honestly have no idea how these sound so I will have to take your word for it. But what I do want is a very punchy, strong bass with no muddyness at at. Also, I can't stand high, strong piercing highs, they make my ears cry.


So any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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The HFI-580 is a coloured headphone so the highs might be a bit much for your years. That said, the bass on the HFI-580 is very strong and I don't feel it's muddy at all. Very crisp and clean, with the right amount of punch and depth.

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Well HFI-580 highs can be on the border of too intrusive for some people (most Ultrasone stuff have this V-shaped frequency response but HFI-580 rather subtle so) while PRO700MK2 is a lot more relaxed in this space and more like a "slanting slope" in terms of frequency response balance (warmer sound). Bass wise the Ultrasones have lesser quantity but is of the punchier type (ie the subbass extension isn't linear with mid/upper bass) so the HFI-580 probably have quite a bit less present subbass frequencies but in terms of punchiness which comes mainly from the bass around 80~150Hz or so part they probably aren't that much different but since HFI-580 has less subbass it'll sound snappier. Well that should be some useful info in your case. You can't say which of these two is better, it comes down to personal preferences in how you want it to sound like.

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Get the PRO700MK2. You already chose it, several times over. You just are looking for encouragement. You got it. Get 'em!


Very best,

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Thanks for the input guys!


Anyone else have any feedback on the PRO700MK2?


What about sound stage on the PRO700MK2? I know the M50s were horrible.


And does anyone know the difference between the PRO700MK2 and the PRO500BK?

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Oh and I would also like to add, after the many reviews I've read on the PRO700MK2, it seems like everyone just states that it has "bass bass bass bass bass"


Is it TOO much bass? Does it overpower everything else?

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PRO700MK2 were commented as having a bit better soundstage than M50.

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Not very many people seem to have an experience with PRO700Mk2 huh. Probably due to the fact that they're fairly newish.

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Originally Posted by ieatDIAMONDS View Post

Not very many people seem to have an experience with PRO700Mk2 huh. Probably due to the fact that they're fairly newish.

You should read this thread before ending up getting these..

And better start from post 90..


That guy Dsnuts ended up returning Pro 700MK2 and got DJ1/580 instead which he loved them instantly.


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I'm debating between these two as well.

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The impression I've received from a great deal of reading about basshead cans is that the Pro700 is going to have a little more bass overall, moreso in the sub-bass region, and the HFI-580 may have a little more in the mid and upper bass region.  Mids are a little recessed on both.  Highs should be significantly brighter on the HFI-580s, so caution is advised for those sensitive to treble.  Soundstage, instrument separation, and overall clarity should be greater for the HFI-580.  Apparently the Pro700s are a little bit more comfortable for extended listening periods.  In comparison, I have the HFI-780, which should have similar padding and clamping force to the HFI-580, and I don't find them problematic comfort-wise until about 4 roughly continuous hours of listening.  From what I gather, the Pro700 would mainly be preferred if you are looking for the largest quantity of bass, particularly sub-bass, and comfort.  Otherwise I'd go for the HFI-580.  I almost bought one myself, but wound up holding out and going for the gold with the Pro 900 instead.

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Bump! Id like to know more about these two if possible!
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which would have more detail and transparency between the pro700mk2 and hfi-580?

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