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Melbourne 2nd Meet 2011 - 10.09.2011 impressions  

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Original Meet post here : http://www.head-fi.org/t/562779/melbourne-s-2nd-head-fi-meet-of-2011-10th-september/


Thanks Will for organizing this meet.

Thanks Addicted to Audio for the venue.

Thanks Jaben for the raffle prizes. (Unfortunately I didn't get any =P)

Thanks Dave for carpooling me.


It was nice seeing all those have been to previous meet, and glad to meet new head-fiers as well.




Please feel free to tag the eqipments and headphones, leave impressions etc directly in flickr,

or use it as a photo reference on post.






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Was a really fun day, thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great event... Couldn't have done it without you all!


First and foremost, a massive thank you goes out to George, Cornelius and Rendra from Addicted to Audio. They not only provided the venue free of charge but went a step further and hired all the chairs and tables you see in the pictures. Not to mention all the time they spent on Friday and Saturday helping me setup and then clean / move everything afterwards... It just wouldn't have been possible without them, so again, a huge thank you to George, Cornelius and Rendra.


Cornelius from Addicted to Audio

Cornelius from Addicted to Audio (photo of the day)


Next a great big thanks to Jaben Australia. Josh from Jaben provided the raffle prizes on the day, which, due to his extreme generosity meant that there was something like a 1/4 chance of winning a prize at the time of the draw... I was lucky enough to walk away with the Goldring DR100, which to my suprise is actually a pretty darn good headphone for the price, thanks Josh! For those wondering, the grand prize was the awesome Go-Vibe Porta Tube which for such a small and portable package somehow manages to drive the LCD-2 orthos with authority. Many thanks Josh!


Josh from Jaben Australia

Josh from Jaben drawing the raffle


Last but not least, thanks to Dan from Unique Melody Australia for coming out on the day. He brought out UM's whole range, of which I really loved the flagship UM Miracles but found that the "bottom-tier" Marvels were no slouch either... When I build my portable setup in the future I'll be looking no further than UM that's for sure. Dan also mentioned that UM Aus would be coming out with a new site in a few weeks so be on the lookout for that, I'll definitely be watching with intent.


Dan from Unique Melody Aus

Dan from Unique Melody


With just the gear that these three brought along, we could of had a stand up meet, it certainly wouldn't have been the same without them. I think between Jaben and A2A, every single flagship bar STAX was covered, not to mention the huge amount of AMPs, DACs, sources, IEMs and portables they lugged along as well. I look forward to the next meet when I can hopefully invite them all back again, we we're truly spoilt at this meet.


A huge thank you to each of you again,




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Great photos Yukari


Drats missed that Yamamoto HA-02!

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Awesome pics yukari! Thanks! 

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Originally Posted by Gwarmi View Post

Great photos Yukari


Drats missed that Yamamoto HA-02!

I was so sad that I didn't bring my ATH-W2002.....If i know HA02 will be there, I would havne brought my w2002 to try  ....sigh

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Ok...let me write down what I remember out from this meet....


As previous meet, I did like the sound of K1000.....however I can't have it on my head for too long....it hurts....



The LCD2 new version.....is better then the old version.

I first tried it with Wooaudio amp....then Dave's setup......I must admit that I prefer Dave's setup for LCD2 over the wooaudio. But I should have tried it on DACmini as well in the meet.  (Calling for mini meet? LOL )



The hifiman HE500 surprisingly went quite well (tried with Dave's setup), High and mids are there, reminds me a bit of my Stax.  Hoever, when comparing to LCD2, I think I'll prefer the LCD2.



I tried the Stax 407 with T1 amp, compare to my Stax 404LTD with 600LTD amp. I found the 407 with T1 set up vocal too close for me, then I plugged the 407 to my 600LTD, and there IS a difference. Relieved that closeness a bit, gave it a bit more space...However, the difference for my 404LTD comparing between the two amps are not as big. Guess I still like my 404LTD+600LTD better. haha

6132057943_61fe8b4295.jpg      6132057417_4e1bf7a615.jpg




Tried the portable amp - Graham Slee Voyager, and the Meier Corda Stepdance. I like the stepdance better. Voyager sounds fine in that price range though....




The Senn HE 60 with Senn 70 amp didn't stay too long unfortunately I didn't had a chance to listen to it.



Hmm that's about most I remember for now.....

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Thanks to everyone who showed up at the meet today. It was really fun to talk in person with people who share similar interests and it was great to get to listen to everyone's equipment which would have otherwise been impossible in other situations (mostly due to the rarity of them here). Once again, thanks and hope to see u guys again soon in the next melb meet ;)

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Hey Everyone,


I just wanted to Thank Will for organising this great event along with Yukari for the great photos.


I also would like to thank everyone for attending and bringing in their gear which made this event so great.


I look forward to the next meet o2smile.gif





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Great meet a lots of very good gear.


K1000 that yukari shown in her post look great in person, and sound even better, but yeah it hurt like hell when I put if on.


Addicted to Audio and Jaben had generously made a large amount of gears available, this makes it possible to hear a lot of the high end stuff that you generally only can hear about them on forum.


Thank you George for hosting the meet and Will for organising it. Hope to see you guys again in the future.

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Chiming in with others:


Thanks Will for taking on the burden of organisation and doing it so successfully. It worked out so well, and having the MOTs there was just wonderful.


Thanks to the guys from Addicted to Audio for making the space available to us. I hope the clean up wasn't too bad!


Thanks also for making all those headphones and amps available for us to try: Addicted to Audio, Jaben and Unique Melody. You guys were so generous.


The surprise of the Meet for me was hearing the HD800 on my own rig for an extended period, and in a quiet room. Difficult to ask for more at a busy meet. I had dismissed the HD800 at previous meets, but have to admit its superiority for acoustic music out of the V200. The soundstage was beguiling. The V200 is a great HD800 amp.


Was also glad to have the opportunity to hear the legendary HD800/Zana Deux combination.


The HE60 was also great fun to listen to, even with a mid-level DVD player as source. So pure and clear.


Cheers to everyone, and see you at the next meet!

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That Zana Deux was heavenly!

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I agree about the HE60s. The few minutes I had to listen to them were amazing. Biggest surprise to me during the meet :)

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What a great meet it was indeed, a great bunch of people to talk with and so helpful,i've learned so much in one day,it was a long way to come and i'll do it again next time

Hope to see you guys & girls next month at the show

Great thanks to Will & the guys at Audio Addiction & Jaben & all involed

Great Photos Yukari

Thanks Michael

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Great meet - but the two and a half hours I stayed was no where near enough. Highlights of the day was hearing all new headphones, it was my first meet. Tried a fair bit of the Audio Technicas range (thanks Audio Addiction) - W1000X wins, sorry Cornelius but the W5000 just didn't do it for me. Also tried a few more Beyerdynamic cans including the T1 - amazing, don't know what made it so good but I could not fault it at all. Also tried the DT880 to compare to my DT990's - I think you may see a pair of DT990's for sale soon.

Also tried some of the lower priced portable headphones including the Aviators. They were quite good and I can see why people buy them but the bass was boomy and they aren't very good value for money when comparing them to the AT M50 and a HiFiMan headphone which I forgot for the number of. Also tried the Sennheiser HD25, and as Dallas said, I hope they were broken they were no where near my expectations, 10 seconds was enough. Audeze LCD-2 are heavy - heavy enough that I would probably never buy them unfortunately because they are a great can.


My final point, not sure if they venue had a lot of background noise but there were a number of comments with my Meier Audio Corda Cantate2 amp not having enough grunt since it was on the low gain setting but people listen LOUD. Next meet I will make sure I pull the low gain jumpers out so it can shine.


Again great meet - good to talk to people who share a very specific hobby, next time I will make sure I stay the whole day.


Thanks to everyone involved,


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What was the name of the headphones I tried of yours, not the LCD2 or sennheiser?




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