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Albums that you enjoy listening to again and again

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Let me know about some albums you listen to repeatedly but still enjoy because they are so good!

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I'm interested in this




Always. Whenever I don't know what to listen to. It's at the bottom of my John Mayer list.




Still pissed with their newest stuff that didn't meet this standard.




Face it, it's The Best of -

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Electronic is what I listen to mostly. These ones still haven't expired since I first heard them:


anders ilar-everdom

carbon based lifeforms-hydroponic garden

dj sprinkles-midtown 120 blues

marsen jules-les fleurs

newworldaquarium-the dead bears

rod modell-vibrasound

the detroit escalator company-black buildings

vince watson-echoes from the future

william basinski-el camino real

yagya-will i dream during the process


Also some strings that I keep enjoying:


do make say think-& yet & yet

doves-some cities

i'm not a gun-our lives on wednesdays

mui-inside a moving machine


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Cocteau Twins




Tiny Dynamite / Echoes In A Shallow Bay



The Moon and the Melodies





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Van Morrison - Moondance

Paul Simon - Graceland


Could listen to these over and over

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Funny, even though I have a ton of music, I still listen to stuff I was into in 1974.




Golden Earring..........Moontan

Black Sabbath..........Black Sabbath

Led Zeppelin..........Led Zeppelin                                               I was able to get my Wife rocking out to Golden Earring yesterday and the album is older than her!

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There are only two CDs I've found that I can listen to non-stop in my car. I just let them loop, and my car remembers where I was in the album (so I don't hear Track 1 every time I start the car..). My commute is ~30min each way, so it's probably safe to say I've heard them on the order of 100 times (including when I listen to them at home/work. yes, I might listen to them on the way to work, at work, on the way home, and at home). Every now and then I try to add another CD but I seem to get tired of almost everything else.


Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane over the Sea



DJ Shadow - Endtroducing...


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Del The Funky Homosapien, Both Sides of the Brain. I've owned this album since it came out. Timeless!..

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"Dusk at Cubist Castle," Olivia Tremor Control

Though I love a lot of albums for repeat listens, this is an underappreciated classic. If you like psychedilic and experimental rock, this is wonderful. Check the Pitchfork review.
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// Double post error

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The Four Seasons - sleeve.png


Amandine Beyer & Gli Incogniti
The Four Seasons
(Linn Records)


It's my favorite Vivaldi 4 Seasons recording. A truly reference recording (96/24) with very emotional interpretation. Highly recommended. 


Download me

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 Absolution- Muse :)

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Lot's good albums out there but one that I will pick today will be Blossom Dearie's May I come in recorded in 1964. It's a sweet and charming record that I have on both vinyl and CD and I never get tired of it. It's really well mixed too.






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