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The PANASONIC RP-HTF600-S headphones. More fun than the HD650? - Page 188

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I have the following setup.

3M 3.5mm Female Stereo Jack to 2 Male RCA Plugs Cable
Jack Plug To 2 x RCA Phono

DISCLAIMER: Audiologists (hearing doctors) and audiophiles might cringe at this. Doing what I just did may damage:

1) Your headphones ... or ...
2) Your hearing ... or ...
3) Both of the above.

Thanks to J. Alec West

The amp is rated at 20 watts per channel and comes with an AC adapter for in-home use. On the front panel, there's an on/off switch, a "tone" on/off button, treble control, bass control, and volume control. On the back panel, there is no headphone output. But (evil grin), there are wire-by-wire speaker outputs. I took the 3.5mm female to RCA stereo male cable and snipped off the RCA parts. I stripped back both right/left cables to expose the bare wires, hooking them up appropriately to the amp's speaker output. Also on the back panel, there's an 3.5mm female stereo input for stereo outputs after using went to lead mentioned above (better)from MP3 players (and, hehe, laptops). For that, I only needed the 6-foot male-to-male 3.5mm stereo cable.
I used lead mentioned above

The laptop audio cable is plugged in. VLC opened, half-volume (computer set at half-volume). I started playing the song  and, ever so slowly, cranked up the amp's volume.

YEE - HAH !!!!!!!!!

I only dared turn it up to one-third volume ... which, for this experiment, turned out to be the borderline between "safe concert level" and "ear bleeding level." 8) But, WOW, what crisp audio and fully enhanced bass. My headphones were loving it (me, too).

Of course (snicker), this was an "experiment." Results by others may vary.

I then went to srs labs sanddbox and fiddled

I believe I'd pay £100-£300 for this it only cost £40


Thanks head-fi

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I bought this headphones in europe with 70$.


They sound nice no complaint...but reading on this thread I took the advice to burn them in...for a better sound.

I let them yesterday some 5 hours with some random normal melody at medium volume and today for another 3-4 hours with an deep bass testing piece sound  at low volume.


Unfortunately when I put them on ...my left speaker was dead...after some knock with fingers on exterior was started again but after some other small knock to see what is happening was dead again and remaining dead for good. I notice that if i push on the headphones with my hand when they are over the ear ...from the dead speaker I hear the membrane moving and making crack noise and on the good one do not...


I am skeptic if the warranty will cover this and I am am upset just purchased this headphones and are not cheap at 70$.


So take care on burning in this...i think the quality of the speakers are not so good and they crack easily.


This is the melody that destroyed them.



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you can't just destroy a headphone driver with a random melody.. lol .. probably some issue with wiring. 

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This was my first though, that it is the wiring because the speaker started again after some knock.

I open it and check-ed the wiring and there are no problem.

I think that simply the membrane is out of place or the coil it is out.

Because the membrane of the damaged speaker is making crack-ing sound when I push the speaker over the year and the other one don't make that crack sound... tell me that it is out of place or just moving more easily of some sort of cause...

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probably a membrane issue. if it is still under the warranty, just try to get a replacement pair.

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Are these no longer being made or something? Amazon hasn't had them in stock for a while, and there's no "more coming soon" listed.
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As of today:  9 in stock and $32.70 each with free shipping.  Excellent deal.  

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I know this thread is old... but can someone help me out? The cables in the left driver became dislodged when taking apart the headphone, and now re soldering them back the left driver plays both the left and right audio channel. Does anyone remember where each wire goes?

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