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The PANASONIC RP-HTF600-S headphones. More fun than the HD650? - Page 186

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How do these compare to the JVC S500 in terms of bass, sound quality and comfort?

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Hello all,


I am new to Head-Fi, but I have enjoyed immensely the information that I have garnered from this site.  This is hands down the best headphone site out there.


At any rate, among my twenty some pairs of headphones, I own the Panasonic HTF600.  I picked them up recently and I must say that they are one of my better sounding headphones.  The bass is solid in these, and it gets better with time.  The overall soundstage in these phones is quite nice.  One of the other huge selling points for me, is the comfort of the HTF600's.  If a headphone is not comfortable, you are less likely to use it regularly.  These phones are super comfortable and I do not find my ears getting hot with these, after a long session of listening.


I listen to a large variety of music, ranging from Alternative Rock and Chillout music, to Classical and some Symphonic Metal.

The HTF600's seem to reproduce all of my music fabulously.  


I recognize that there are better phones out there.  But, for the price of these phones (around 40.00 for me) and the payoff of what you get in sound in comfort, they make a great addition to your headphone collection.

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How do these compare to the JVC S500 in terms of bass, sound quality and comfort?
The same of nfskyosho85 please!!! :-)
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I read on Amazon that despite having 50mm drivers do not have much bass. Here are said to basshead ...
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Help!!! Please
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They have plenty of bass, and quality bass. I have had these 3 days now and still amazed for the price. Can't say about the S500, but my S400 pale in comparison. JVC muddy and veiled while Panasonic totally smooth and fun.
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Compared to the Monoprice 8323 and Denon AH-D1100?? :confused_face_2:

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It might rain on me hard, but I never found the Monoprice to be a very good headphone. For me it sounded too congested, with the bass adequate but nothing to write home about. In this price category the Panasonic whips it bad, up and down the highway. I have no experience with the Devon.
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Oops - Denon!! 


Maybe I have the same ears as DsNuts who started this thread, but I have bought several of his recommendations without further consideration and he has generally been right on with this assessments. This Panasonic is one of the most complete sounding headphones I own, regardless of price. It is just plain FUN to listen to, and I find myself eschewing my higher priced phones for this one. I would recommend not wasting time soliciting more comparisons, because that makes less time your listening to this perfect example of price to sound value. It is, to quote a tired saying "...completely off the charts!" Good luck my headphone friend!!

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1000 Thanks.
I would only be sure of what I'm buying ...
I want a headset that sounds great dynamic with good bass for trance / dance / house ...and sometimes other genres such as rock / pop...
This HTF600 is right for me??
I own the Creative Aurvana Live but are too flat for me ...

ast information: being an open headphone disturbs those who are in another room? Listening to loud at night and I would not bother ... otherwise I should get my bearings on a headphone closed ...

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Help please guys!!!
Panasonic HTF600 or CAL2???
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Originally Posted by andreamang View Post


Compared to the Monoprice 8323 and Denon AH-D1100?? :confused_face_2:

Denon? Big difference in price there.


Anyway, I too was picking between the Panasonic and Monoprice, as well as Superlux 661b for a pair of budget closed over-ear headphones. I might go with the Panasonic most likely.

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Hi guys, long, long time lurker. I have spent many hours on this website but finally decided to join and give a couple of quick impressions from what what I hope is a budding audiophile right here :)


So, I've been searching around for some of the best headphones under $100 or so. These were on an amazing Amazon sale for ~$20 and I was aware of the cult following here on Head-Fi for them, so I grabbed them up. What a pair.


Now, I actually own a couple of cans. Right now the collection includes the HD201 (bass too light for me, a bit too forward mids, but amazing highs detail for the price), a Sennheiser PC350 that I use exclusively for gaming and works amazingly for that, A pretty new Sony MDR-V6 with about 100 hrs of burn-in on it (too shrill in the upper mids, really annoying, but incredible detail in the highs otherwise and awesome super clean, super balanced bass), and of course, the HTF600-S.


I have to say when I A/B these with the V6, it is easily recognizable that the Pannys are incredibly good for the price. The first thing I noticed was the very pronounced upper bass and even lower mids boost they have. It's so easy to EQ out that it's almost not even an issue at all, though. The upper mids are SO much more listenable than on the V6, but are just a little dark for my taste. The highs are surprisingly detailed as well, though I can definitely hear the peak around 10 kHz. It's not bad though, and even though my hearing drops off at around 15.5 kHz, they seem to reproduce the freqs higher than 10k quite respectably.


It's really hard for me to find a headphone I like. Most end up being too upper-mid heavy for me i.e. too shrill or sibilant or whatever you guys want to call it, primarily because I like to listen to hardstyle and metal and hardcore alike, and it's really hard to find a headphone that does the rich bass of electronic music and accurately reproduces distorted guitar without killing my eardrums with harsh upper mids. These are surprisingly great. They are making me, a poor grad student, want to sell off the V6 since it's just an investment that I don't really need to have made. Luckily I only got mine new open box for about $66, and they really do sound very uncolored aside from the awful upper mids harshness that I despise about them.


EDIT: Just some thoughts. Posted my questions to the correct forum.

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