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Sennheiser Extension Lead

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I am considering purchasing an extension lead for my HD-600s.

Has anyone used the Sennheiser extension lead (with the volume control built in)?

What is the verdict on this extension lead?
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I didn't know Sennheiser were still making this. I have one which is a few years old. It is truly awful. You are better off with one of the extensions offered by Headroom.

I have the Kimber, DiMarzio and Grado extensions, and actually find the Grado to be best for the Sennheisers, as well as the cheapest.
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I suspected as such.

Thanks for the tip Ross.
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What differences do you hear in the various extensions? I have been using my Grado extension with my 580s and was pretty happy with the sound. But I exchanged e-mails with Todd, and he mentioned the Kimber and the Teds Excellent as being a better match for them.

I am waiting for the 600s that I purchased from Jude and was considering a DiMarzio or a Kimber. But is sounds like, in your opinion the investment wouldn't really be worth it.
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JMT, as is always the case with cables, each one involves a different set of trade offs.

The Kimber cable is very smooth and detailed, but like the interconnect it can also sound a bit thin and wiry, as well as losing a bit of deep bass.

The DiMarzio cable is full-bodied, with good bass, but it is too dark and coloured for my tastes, and has rolled-off highs.

The Grado cable is slightly grainier than the Kimber or DiMarzio cables, without the liquid smoothness which the other two have. However, it leaves the tonal balance more-or-less intact, which is what I personally prefer in an extension cable.

I haven't heard the "Teds Excellent" (not sure what that is) so I can't comment on that one.

There are also the Sonic Horizons extensions, of which there have been a few good reports.

I am hoping that Headroom will solve this problem by providing either a Clou cable extension, or a 6m version of the Clou sennheiser cable.

All of the extension cables make an audible difference, so it is a question of finding one you can live with. The alternative is to use longer interconnects to get your headphone amp closer to your listening position, which is far preferable.
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I haven't heard the "Teds Excellent" (not sure what that is) so I can't comment on that one.
Ross, thanks for the info. I would prefer to bring my amp closer to my sitting area, but that would involve the running of cables that would be almost impossible to hide.

The "Ted's Excellent Cable Earcandy" is an extension that HeadRoom sells. Here is the link: Ted's Excellent Cable Earcandy
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Just purchased the Grado extension lead for my HD-600s and can report that they are excellent.

Smooth, detailed and balanced sound.

Highly recommended.
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