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Cases for Full Headphones

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So i'm looking for Full Circumaural headphones that play jazz/classical well.


I've pretty much settled on one of three:


Beyer DT660





Shure SRH840


However, i'm still open to suggestions.


I'm looking for three main criteria in my cans. Closed, Portable, <$200. And hopefully won't require an amp, though i'll probably buy an E3.


Thing is, I want portability and sturdiness, but two of the above cans don't come with some sort of protective transport casing, and I can't find any sellers on the internet. What do you guys use ?

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I use the bag from HeadRoom and it's really nice. The Audio Technica AD700 are just barely too big for it (they can go in there but the headband is awfully tight) and they are one of the biggest cans out there. I bet the AKG k271 would fit and I know for sure the SRH840 and DT600 would fit. There's plenty of room for those and a portable amp plus extra cables in there.

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Many thx guys! tongue.gif


.... Here it is:




Let us know if any questions!










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