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For Sale:
SOLD: Matrix M-Stage with Op Amp upgrade (UK)

Will Ship To: UK

For sale is my Matrix M-Stage solid state amplifier.  This is one of the best amplifiers at its price range, and can hold its own with far more expensive amps.


Not only is the stock M-Stage excellent, but my model had an op amp upgrade by Ampcity (  The stock op amp was replaced with the superb Audio Gd OPA 'Earth', giving wonderful clarity and neutrality.  


I've had the M-Stage for 3 months and it has performed wonderfully during this time.  It's incredibly versatile; it drives my Alessandro Grados and Sennheiser HD 600s with ease, two headphones with completely different sound signatures and impedance. I'm selling because I now use a tube amp, but as an entry level solid state amp the M-Stage may well have no competition, in my opinion.


As you can see from the pics, the M-Stage comes in its original packaging and original cardboard box.  The amp is in great condition, having been very well looked after.  Even the box is in great shape!  You can also see the original stock op amp which is included in the sale.  


The M-Stage was purchased from Ampcity, a highly reputable audio company which sponsored a London Head-Fi meet earlier this year.


PRICE: I would like [SOLD] for the M-Stage + op amp upgrade.  That includes postage and packing within the UK.  It will be sent by RMSD and will need to be signed for.  A face to face deal in central London is also welcomed.


PAYMENT: Payment by PayPal Gift or bank transfer please.  If face to face then cash is fine.


Any questions please feel free to PM me.



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