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Traveling to Hong Kong.. ideas for shopping?

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My girlfriend is going to Hong Kong for business and asked me if I had any good ideas about things to buy over there.. Thoughts?

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Chinese Foodbiggrin.gif


Stay away from street stalls. They sell you fake junk


Look up some audio stores. High end, btw

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Thanks, but what are the major high end things to look for for a bargain? I'll be honest I've been out of the headphone scene for a couple years since I got my custom IEMs..

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Hey, two questions first: only your gf going, or are you accompanying her? Also, I guess this is a related question, do you mean shopping generally, or do you mean shopping for audio products?

For shopping generally, we have a lot of malls over here with shops ranging from luxury brands to Chinese home brands. And of course street stalls, the most well-known one is the Ladies' Market in Mong Kok. Generally, you can get bargain products there, but don't expect the things to last. But hey, nothing wrong with picking up a cheap knock-off (or two just in case) that looks just like the real thing if you like that kind of stuff (excluding the moral debate about knock-off products haha). Remember, always bargain (although as a foreigner, you'll get ripped off nonetheless) and if you look closely and are lucky, you might find a good quality product.

For audio (headphone) products, go to Mingo's (mingo-hmw.com, main shop in 594 Nathan Road 12/F), things to look out for are Chinese brands as you can audition all phones including top-tier products if they carry them. Some Chinese tube amps are quite impressive :)

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I will not be traveling with her this time :(


And when I say shopping, I guess I am more asking about unique/interesting things that HK/China has. Maybe a cool souvenier (i.e., not just a "Hong Kong" magnet for the fridge), electronics, watches.. really anything is fair game. It's just that I have no idea what's currently trending in the Head-Fi universe and my GF certainly doesn't either

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THAT if u r into photographypopcorn.gif



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I remember going there..I swear I had to run away from all the Indian trailors trying to sell me a suit! They won't take no for an answer biggrin.gif

Must be the tall white guy.


Loved HK when I was there and this was back in 2002 right after 9/11. My ticket was only $700 round trip from the USA and hotel was only $120/night for a huge room. I checked last week and it's now like $500night?! If I go back ever again I'll get some dirt cheap hotel.


One store I really liked there was Cheapy's movie platform. I don't even know if it exists anymore. They had super loud music blaring in the front of the building and then even more in the back. The prices were pretty decent and were all originals. I don't buy bootlegs.


Feels weird how I felt safer wandering around HK at night then the big city of Detroit frown.gif


I won't miss the pollution though..smells like a mix between diesel, garbage and smoke.


BTW I never really feel tall, but I felt like a GIANT in HK. If you're over 6'5" sitting in the Peak Tram is virtually impossible!


I also found it amusing to see grocery stores insides malls in HK. Don't know why...

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