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Received a pair of PS500 as black Friday gift. The sound is exactly what I have been looking for! 
My HE500 with grill cloth removed mode was perfect on every aspect except tizzy treble. So I sold it unwillingly. I was looking for phones with smooth or dark treble and heavy tight bass. PS500 is just so great. The vocal, bass, guitar, everything is just so great.
Cons I found: not that comfortable. So I am considering to buy a G-cushion. I saw people said PS500 with G-cushion didn't sound as great as with L, can anyone give me any positive reviews? Plus, the soundstage is smaller compared to the HE500 I owned, but thats not a big problem on my music preferences. 

I like the PS500 with G-Cush pads... To my ears, the PS500 has plenty of bass... if there's any loss with the larger pads it is minimal. However there is a slight increase in treble and the overall effect tends to make them more "grado-like" than their stock signature.

When they were relatively new, I preferred the L-Cush but now that they are broken in, they sound really good with both sets of pads. Personally I have no comfort issues with the L pads but for anyone who does, I think the G pads are well worth trying. They also will increase the sound stage significantly.

I really like the fact that it is so easy to swap pads... it' like having 2 pairs of headphones in 1. smily_headphones1.gif
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The differences between the PS500 and PS500e are discribed at te site of Grado Labs ; 

The PS500e is the younger brother to the PS1000e, with newly redesigned 44mm speaker and the improved 8 conductor cable design and a smaller metal and wood hybrid air chamber. Both the hidden mahogany core and and powder-coated aluminum housing parts under-go damping treatments that help control and dissipate resonances, for an undistorted flow of the musical signal.
It's difficult to say what kind of audible improvements this upgrade has got.

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I use both pads too but the G more often.  I wrote to Grado and request they make a mid-cush but they had no plan to. 

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