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Grado PS500s (new Grado's)

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I don't know if this has been posted yet but apparently Grado is releasing new PS500 Grado's.






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I am very interested to see how these compare to the RS1i (they’re about 100 bucks cheaper at 595) and whether these will sound similar to the HF2, as Grado is reusing the same external design.


Also curious if these will pair well with G cush bowls (like the HF2) and provide bigger soundstage

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The little brother of the PS1000, mmmmmm......


I have the money in my bank.......

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Want to hear.



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Im also interested. Subscribed. 

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Moon audio has made a post http://www.head-fi.org/t/570791/grado-ps-500-all-new-in-the-grado-professional-series and they have put it on their website as well where they are taking pre orders http://www.moon-audio.com/headphones/grado-headphones/grado-ps500.html#

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Oh my god, finally... This might be my upgrade from my SR325i. Good news

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I'm pretty excited to hear these.  Could be great for monitoring our recordings.

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I've just ordered. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

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From looking at price alone, Grado thinks the RS1 is higher performance. Too bad.

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Man, I really dig it, Maybe this will be followed by a GS500 offering too?

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My heart just skipped a beat.

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God knows how much I love my Grados, but I don't know that I can justify these without hearing them!

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Originally Posted by Nick01 View Post

I've just ordered. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

Awesome!  I can order it now but I since I'm finishing up my degree at the end of year I'm too busy to even use them.  : ? 


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I think they used the HF2 mold

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