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I'm going to buy a new pair of in-ear headphones around $130.

After days of research, I think I'll probably go with either the Phonak Audeo or Ultimate Ears 700.(any other suggestions are welcomed)

I mostly listen to Rock, classical and jazz. I don't listen to pop, rap, hip hop or dance music. The detail and clarity of the sound is in first place for me.

Though I'm not sure which on of the following three headphones will be the best choice for me:

*UE 700
Nearly all of the reviews of this headphone are positive, except some complaining about its durability. It's my main concern about this headphone.
From what I read, it has a very clear and detailed and high quality sound and it's very comfortable.

**Phonak Audeo 112 
This headphone has a lot of positive reviews too, about its high quality sound, comfort, durability,...
The main problem with this headphone is that I probably can't afford it! (Though if it's much better than the other two in sound quality, I can wait a bit to buy this one) 

***Phonak Audeo 012 Perfect Bass
I'm not sure about this headphone. It's very probable that I buy it, regarding my budget and that its only difference with Phonak Audeo 112 is the green filter designed for Bass (Am I right?)
My main concern about this phone is that it's "Perfect Bass." I'm not sure if it's the right choice for me regarding the genres I listen to, and I don't know if I'm gonna like it's sound. I mean I don't think I want extra bass.

Have you owned any of these headphones? or do you have any information that can help me decide?

I'd be grateful if you share your opinions with me.