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Q460 or MS400 or a comparable set

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I am in the market to but a new set of headphones for on the go. They will be mainly used on a college campus, not that it matters but it might. I have been searching this forum franticly trying to learn as much information as I can about portable sets. I have almost pulled the trigger and bought the MS400 several times now but I just can't seem to do it. I want to make sure they are the right pair for me. Another pair I am considering is the Q460's. Mainly because of the of the inter-changable cord and the control talk feature, although I have read they are poorly constructed. I also want a set of headphone that are somewhat aesthetically pleasing. But i'll put it out there in no way am I a beat junkie! just one rant--if i had a dollar for every pair of beats I saw on campus today I swear I could drop out and happily retire. I don't have to much expirience with quality headphones; my only other pair is a set of HD380's that I grabbed to try out a little production work with. Since I will be on the go I want something that sounds good but am not overly particular because I will be listening mostly for pleasure and not picking the music apart. I am open to any suggestions that you experts may have. My main question after an entirely way too long post is: Are the ms400's worth the little extra money over comparative sets for the sound quality and asthetic appeal?Any advice is greatly appreciated and accepted with an open mind. Sorry for the extra long post, it is my first, and I have a tendancey to ramble on but wanted to inform those who may provide information with a little more about my situation. Ear buds just won't cut it anymore after the hd380's quality, even though they may not be that great to you. They made a world of difference to me and may have created a new wanabe audiophile. If anything comes from this be thankful that this forum has saved another youngin from wearing those **** beats around. And by the way my budget is prob $200 max. Thanks

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Look into the V-moda M80. Those seem to be garnering a lot of positive attention.


If you want an IEM, I would recommend the EX600. With my time with them I never had any problem with noise isolation while on campus, walking around.

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no one else has any suggestions? 

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You might want to post in the thread dedicated to answering questions like the one you have presented. I know there are a lot of people on this forum that won't answer a question because it has already been answered in previous threads, or it should have been posted on this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/557996/iems-portables-advice-don-t-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-help-here/315#post_7622649


I hope you get more responses that way smile.gif

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The V-Moda V80 are highely recommended and few others like JVC on ear with NC, Klipsch Image ONE and Solo,

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So what did you get?

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