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Sennheiser PC360 + Astro MixAmp ----- Having Problems.....

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First off, my mic isn't working. For some reason, it is randomly picking up what is being played through the headphones WHILE the mic is muted. (On the PC360's you move the mic boom up for mute and down in front of your mouth for unmute.) In the lobby of whatever game, it shows sound coming through the mic only when it is muted. For example, I was listening to music while playing a game earlier and when I tried to send a message to one of my friends, the only thing it recorded was the music faintly in the background. When I unmuted the Mic, it tells me it doesn't detect any audio. I'm using the brand new Astro cable to connect them, I have the straight end with the block plugged into the "Controller" slot on the MixAmp, and the angled end plugged into the controller. Anyone have any clue what is going on?

Next, whenever I listen to music through the "MP3" port, it is LOW in volume. I had the player turned full blast and you could still barely hear it. If I'm playing something for fun or something that doesn't require me to hear every single footstep, I enjoy listening to music while I game. However, it's not enjoyable when I can't even hear it which is disappointing because that feature was one of the selling points for the MixAmp to me.

Finally, has anyone that has used this combo thought that it lacks in volume unless you have the knob turned completely to game chat? It's still audible but I can actually hear the fan I have on low across the room from me while playing Gears of War 2 which is a pretty loud game. lol I haven't tested a quieter game to see if I can still pick up on footsteps and gunfire but the volume is making me assume it will be difficult.

The PC360 itself I am still undecided on. It's extremely comfortable, well built, and looks great. However, the bass seems to be nearly non-existent (I was expecting light bass but for music you can barely even hear the bass drum and for explosions and loud noises in games, it's severely lacking. As I said, I expected it to be light which is fine but definitely thought it would be adequate. Hopefully, the burn-in will improve my perspective on these.

Sorry for the long read but hopefully someone can help me out.

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sry can't help much, as only tryed 5.8 mixamp though a pc and no voise chat. Have you tryed the pc360's with a pc or anything else other than the mix amp? I find theres loads of bass on the 360's far more than with A30's i tryed, ok the A30's went louder on the mixamp, but put this down to there 32ohm where's the 360's are 50ohm or just harder to drive. have you got the 360's vol turned up on the right ear cup? try using without the mixamp see if that changes anything

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Staffy, thank you for the help. I completely forgot about the volume knob on the earcup. frown.gif I know at this point it seems like I'm an idiot, but I promise I'm not. haha Everything sounds MUCH better now. I actually can't believe how good it sounds....It was my own fault for being disappointed and I blamed the headset which is spectacular. That fixed both my issue with the volume and my music being too low so all of that is taken care of.

I also fixed the issue with my mic. I thought that my Optical Cable was plugged into my xbox and it was plugged into my television so everything is fine now.

Thanks so much and please don't be too hard on me for these silly mistakes. haha

I appreciate it,
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hehe thought you might of forgot about that ;) easy done when it match's in nicely onĀ  the cup.

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