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@firev1: I'm not sure if sound stage is bigger on all CD Players, but on mine it certainly was. 


@baka1969: I suppose its SACD vs CD between 8004 and 6004 :P

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When it comes to the stand alone CD player, and DAC/AMP, discussion.. I'm in the same boat, I'm just not entirely sure which direction to head. I'm currently looking at a Marantz CD5004, as it appears to be a pretty good machine? And besides.. I'm getting a killer deal on a new one (Around the $200 mark). I'm still an individual that prefers to buy CD's over any sort of digital download.. Just something about the physical copy.


Though I own many CD's, and continue to buy, I just end up ripping them to my computer... where I was using my Mamba (D4) as the DAC/AMP (Now currently only the AMP portion works). My current headphones consist of the Beyerdynamic PRO 880 (250) and the Ultrasone PRO 750's. The setup seemed to work reasonably well.. though I did run into a lot of poor quality sound, more due to the music files/ source I'm assuming? As would have guessed, I notice this a lot more with the Beyer's.


I'm really leaning towards my deal with the CD5004.. as long as the headphone jack is worthy? From the sounds of it, the player seems to do the job pretty well.. and for around $200 new. Thinking about possibly picking up a pair of AKG 272HD or a possible Sennheiser...


Also wouldn't mind picking out a nice set of bookshelf speakers as well down the road.


I guess I'm just a little afraid to take the plunge.. in regards to my headphones being powered sufficiently through the Marantz.


Advice would be appreciated.



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If you can get the Marantz for $200.00, that would be a screaming bargain.


I know I would've pick the Marantz over my Onkyo C-7030 if I could've gotten it for $200.00.  The Onkyo is also a great CD player at the $200.00 price point.

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That is what I'm leaning towards... but would like to get a little bit of consensus, advice..


Do you run your headphones out of the Onkyo? If so, which ones.. sound quality?


I've always heard great things about the Onkyo's as well.



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Pc's have coloured sound cd players have better soundstage , What complete nonsense as a digital transport there sound exactly the same.


Also all these cd cplayers will sound the same sound quality wise unless they have problems, differences come from a output voltage vrms(volume) rather than actually having better sound quality than 1 another.


The Yamaha CD-S300 is a decent cd player, costs and sounds the same as the Marantz CD5004 but you get a usb port/ipod socket instead of a headphone socket, and a cool button called pure direct.

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..All.. CD players.. sound the same... quality wise? confused_face_2.gif


I'll have to look into the Yamaha player, but thus fur I'm seeing it at least $100 cheaper than that of the Marantz.

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What audiable differences are you expecting? other than volume vrms output I haven't come across 1 that has audiable jitter, noise or disortion. The marantz 5004 and the yamaha s300 sounded exactly the same to me, here there priced exactly the same I went with the yamaha because it has a usb port.
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I'm not really looking for a difference. Initially.. I'm just hesitate of buying a CD player, in regards to it underpowering my headphones... whether it will or will not?


Been checking into the Yamaha. At the present time, still leaning towards the Marantz.

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The marantz's headphone jack may be completly unsuitable for your headphones, you need to know the output impendance and roughly how much power the amp has.

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That was a concern of mine, and I would punch some numbers.. but currently I'm away from my personal listening area. I imagine my PRO750's would sound Ok sounding, and my Beyer Pro880 (250ohm)...


Is there anyway I'd be able to use my Mamba D4 with the Marantz? I'm obviously new to this, but I don't see a feasible way.. connection.. etc.

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You might be able to, you should be able to connect it to the rca out with a rca to 3.5mm cable, but being a portable amp the d4 might not be able to handle 2vrms.
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It's a possibility.


With that being said though... Maybe I should take the hit.. and go ahead and purchase the new AUNE 24bit-192K X1 DAC/AMP, on top of my purchase of the Marentz CD5004. I should be covered in regards to using the RCA inputs on both the Marentz and AUNE.




Marentz CD5004 ---> AUNE X1 ---> Beyer Pro880/Ultrasone Pro750


(Will use with PC as well, in replacement of my broken DAC in the Mamba)


I'd say its a fairly good start in this never ending hobby, and from the looks of it... should get some decent sound with that setup? smily_headphones1.gif

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Speaking of which... Has anyone seen any reviews regarding the AUNE X1? I see a lot of praise for the older models.. nothing on the newer one as of yet.



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Find some used Meridian CDP and you will know the answer without have to ask any one. I am not put down the PC based system( I have 3 different set ups and I enjoy the convenience that they offer) but there is no replacement for a good CDP. Want some organic sound, as I said the Meridian is one of the best that I have listened to in my 40 years playing with audio.
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Both PC and CD can sound very good, so it all depends on your setup. I would say it is probably cheaper to get very good sound out of a CD player than out of a computer, at this point in time, but I am sure some would disagree...


This link should give you a fairly good idea of what can be achieved in both domains :


I picked up a used Marantz CD85, which I am using as a transport (i.e. digital out to my DAC) and the sound is fabulous.

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