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I'm looking for a closed headphone with good sound isolation, for use on trains etc.

I've read quite some reviews here, but it remains hard to understand some of the phrasing used to describe the sound experience. 

(As comparison references, I 'only' own Sony MDR-7506 -for at home-, Yuin G2 -for at work or on the move-, Sennheiser MX880 -for on the move-, which I all like, despite their different strentghs and weknesses. I had the Yuin OK3, but they broke down and were replaced by the MX880, which are clearly some step up.)


Therefore, I would like to refer to one of my preferred portable headphones to describe what I'm looking for: Yuin G2 sound quality and presentation. (good soundstage and separation and placement of instruments, enough detailing, pleasing to listen to...)

I only have 2 regrets with the Yuin G2 as a portable headphone:

  • not enough sound isolation for use on public transport (don't need 100% isolation, but still more than that)
  • does lack in the bass-department (I'm not a bass-head, but deep basses are missing)


I mainly listen to rock, pop, classical music, jazz.


While open for some suggestions about IEM's, I'm rather looking at 'normal' headphones (size <= AKG 450 or Sennheiser MM450).


Is this search just pure utopia?

(presentation & SQ ~Yuin G2, but with good sound isolation (and of course no more sound leaking))