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has anybody a clue which headphone has the most comfortable headband ever ???



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I'm rather partial to Beyer & Denon headbands.


But then again, I like Hifiman and Grado headbands too.


How about, since comfort is so relative, you explain which headphones you did not find comfortable headbands on, and which ones you did?


Very best,

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Audio-Technica models with the "wing system"....by far the comfiest I've tried.

Unfortunately I haven't found anyone with the sound I want (so far).



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AKG K series - even the bumpy K701 headband.


It helps that they're so light.


No headband is going to cure comfort issues

for a 500gram+ headphone.

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I like...


- Grado, very comfortable

- Beyerdynamic (headband is too small for my head, but comfortable)

- Denons are more comfortable than Sennheiser HD800. :o




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HD800 fits just perfect for me.

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For me, it's that felt cloth Stax Lambda headband. It fits just right and still maintains a good hold without being uncomfortable, and there's more adjustment than you'd think at first glance.


Then there's the Audio-Technica wing design, which alleviates a lot of pressure, but doesn't seem to have quite as secure of a fit (at least not on the AD700s).

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AKG headbands for me. I can barely feel it over the head.

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The comfiest headphone I own is the Denon 2000. It just melts away when I put it on, to the point where I can actually forget that I'm wearing it. It's my go-to headphone if I know I'm going to be listening to music for more than a couple of hours. Of my full-sized headphones, I find the AKG K701 to be the least comfortable. If it weren't for the bumps on the underside of the band it'd be fine--it's a really light pair of headphones, and the clamping force isn't too bad. But those bumps just have a way of digging into your skull after more than a half-hour or so of listening--at least, that's been my experience with them.

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thanks guys. very good.


i'm extreamly curious about the AT "Wing" system.

how much is the pressure there from 10 points ?


now i have Grado PS1000.

the clamping force is from 10 points maybe 3-4, exactly how i like it.

but the headband is way too hard after 30 minutes and its not secure enough on my head.

if i lean downwards 20 degrees it falls off.


my Beyer T1 has better secure, but clamping force was too high for my likings.

so definitely Grado (for me) is waaaaay more comfortable.


Grado PS1000

-secure fit: only 20 % - too low

-clamping force 30-40% -> the way I like it, because that way the pressure point of the headband has the same feeling like the headphone speaker from the side


Beyer T1

-secure fit: 60-70% - good but not very good, if i lean downwards 60 degrees it falls off

-clamping force: 70-80% -> too much for me



despite the higher weight of the grado its somehow more wearable than the T1.

the only problem is the slim and hard materialled headband of the PS. it has to be ticker.

maybe a Jmoney (version 3) headband would be a wise step toward perfect headphone ?

of course the circumaural design of the grado is always a big advantage against overear finish.


the only clamping force is actually generated by the weight of the grado-drivers. the headband itself make nothing extra work.

why is there no adjustable-clampingforce headphone produced ? everybody has an other shaped head.



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Audio Technica line uses comfy headbands. You can barely feel it.  

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OP - the snap on head-band for the Beyer DT770 is very cheap and fits pretty much exactly


Here's a series of photos of mine:



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