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For Sale: Ribbon IC copper 1M w/ Furutechs PRICE DROP

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For Sale:
Ribbon IC copper 1M w/ Furutechs PRICE DROP

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Brand new unused extra set from Mojo Audio


Incredible cables; extra care given to choice of connector as they compared many different metals/platings and ended up with these Furutechs over many other much higher priced terminations. Paypal Gift please or check. Asking $240 shipped CONUS.



Mojo Audio’s Lucent ribbon Interconnects sound graceful and fluid yet articulate and precise, preserving the music’s natural timing and emotional content. Incredible micro-detail and micro-dynamics result in textures, tones, and spatial cues that bring you closer to the original musical performance. Constructed from 21AWG high-purity OFC copper ribbons that are covered in a thermo-bonded micro-dielectric to prevent oxidation. Each ribbon is floated inside a laboratory-grade PTFE Teflon tube to ensure minimal surface contact and increase durability. Our near-air dielectric all but eliminates dielectric absorption and capacitance that roll off frequency and distort phase and time. Edge to edge parallel spacing of the ribbons minimizes induction that causes harmonic distortion. Terminated with Furutech FP-126R rhodium plated copper RCA plug sets.

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Will take 210 shipped conus via Paypal GIFT.

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