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[kiteki review] Skullcandy Aviator | Skullcandy G.I. | Skullcandy HESH | Skullcandy Icon | SKULLCANDY UPROCK

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I listened from left to right.


The first two are Aviators, the third is a G.I., the fourth is a Hesh, and the Icon isn't pictured (it portable, light and small).



The Aviators look cool, yes, they LOOK COOL. They sound a bit dissonant.


The G.I. clamps pretty hard and isolates well, again it was dissonant, I started to wonder if this is the trademark feature of Skullcandys. On the bright side it actually sounded really fun! This was my favorite one!


The HESH - the dissonance is gone! So much for that trademark dissonant and very fun sound... actually this one was so spatialized and clear I immediately recoginzed there is post-processing along the signal path, i.e. this is not a clean and pure signal, it sounded pretty ok but part of the processing caused a defecit of bass, all in all I can't recommend this one.


The ICON is cheap and flimsy but it sounds better than the Koss PortaPro so I have to give it some credit!




Final Thoughts: The Aviators are a fashion accessory, the G.I.'s actually sound pretty good, the HESH is a joke, the ICON is cheap and flimsy but sounded sortof decent.


I think Skullcandy puts fashion first and sound second, so if you think the headphones look good and you can afford them, go for it, if you're after pure sound quality I think there's better brands but I don't think Skullcandy is after a particular trademark sound so they might have a couple half-decent HP's.


As a fashion brand, purely on an SQ basis I'm more impressed with Skullcandy than the others, and I can say for sure that the G.I.'s sound more entertaining than my Sony MDR-V6's. I think my V6's are the better headphone, but I know there's a bunch of punk kids that won't.


I'm more of an IEM person so I can't make any solid assessments here, and this review is hereby subject to violent and whimsical change in case I hear the Aviators again shortly and they sound better, but I highly don't think so.






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I'd grab my GIs to re-listen them again after all these time... but I made them into ear muffs (the cables are smoothly ripped out of it).


I personally liked the Aviator the best. tongue.gif

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Well, The G.I.'s said something about leather, surely it can't be real leather? but the ear-pads did feel pretty good to me, and the clamping and isolation force was strong, so if I had to pick a headphone to go jogging in -25 C I might pick the G.I.



I couldn't hear anything in the Aviator that I'd attribute more than 6 out of 10 stars to, but I'll be listening to them again at a headphone meet and I'll check again if they have any 7 star factors in them but like my review said I don't think so....


By the way, nice IEM collection maxwell, nice choices there! Checked your profile.



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Yeah, the "leather" pads is pretty alright, but it is most definitely not leather! But yeah, I was using my GIs as my ear muffs in those kind of weather -- especially when I could tuck my IEMs under the pads. wink.gif


I think the Aviators would be around 6 stars, yeah, but I think a 6 stars is pretty good for a Skullcandy, in my opinion.


Thanks! I was actually hoping to add CK10 -- but I am having A LOT of trouble finding it. I might end up sneaking a SM3 into my inventory instead...

The review I kept promising about last year kept getting bigger and bigger...

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Trouble finding CK10?





You could also just walk the yellow brick road to custom IEM's.


Hmm... I'll listen to the G.I. again and if it sounds O.K. I might pick it up to use on top of a custom IEM for ultimate isolation on planes. ;)



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Thanks! Now my wallet might just be lightened again -- I'll browse around that site.


I am about to jump road with the UERM. So, that should be fairly exciting. tongue.gif

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Pfft... wait for the Skullcandy 6 driver.


As a joke, I was thinking about getting Skullcandy artwork on my custom hehe.

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Hahaha, that's a great idea. Titanium plate, etched with Skullcandy logo!


Go for it. biggrin.gif

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LOL, I might... I've already ordered the "titanium" plate (er, I think it's just nickel, we'll see!), putting a Skullcandy logo on top does seem appealing........ and then I'll fit in with the cool kids!! hehe ;)

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Pics once you get them, nickel plated or whichever! wink.gif

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The only full size skully I've tried was the Hesh. They sounded God awful & had the looks to match. They're the only headphones I've used that actually look like someone has vomited on them...



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Yep the HESH is pretty bad and who would wear that thing!!

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Ok... I'm going with the black skull, no words, will it look better on a titanium or gold plate?





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I'd vote titanium, because I never say no to black and titanium. tongue.gif

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Yep, black and titanium it is.



So it seems like Skullcandy have lifetime warranty? I read on their website even if you destroy your headphone you can send the bits and pieces to them and they'll give you 50% off any other Skullcandy product!!




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